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In the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, kids get more than cancer treatment. They get a super special medicine that has also healed superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern.

The Justice League's medicine is helping children better understand cancer, the treatment they are under and overcome their fears with a little help from their powerful friends.

The video is a short insight on the creative project between the cancer center's ad agency, JWT, and Warner Brothers, demonstrating how a change in perspective makes all the difference and how the power of superheroes can fly off the comic book pages and bring hope to the smallest superheroes who are fighting the toughest of battles.

The 'superformula' is encased in a plastic cover bearing the insignia of the Justice League superheroes. One day, it could be Batman's medicine. The next, it might be Superman.

The powerful treatment fit for the famous superheroes is introduced to the children with a custom comic book that demonstrates the characters going through a very similar ordeal as the battle with cancer. The heroes as well, receive a super serum that will help them get stronger and beat the life-threatening ordeal they are facing.

The video is inspiring and it makes you wonder why no cancer center outside of Brazil has thought of doing something similar. It is incredible to see how the power of these superheroes are helping kids deal with the scary process of chemotherapy and understanding that even the strongest, like the members of the Justice League, have undergone the same ordeal and triumphed in the end.


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