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BOX-OFFICE: ‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ earned a huge $201.3M overseas. That, my friends, makes it the HIGHEST-GROSSING weekend for a film, ever there.

As stated by Rentrak’s Senior Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian, “The world was Optimus-Primed and ready for the release of the fourth film in the “Transformers” franchise as “Age of Extinction” posted massive global numbers with $201.3 million from just 37 international territories and $100 million in North America for an astonishing $301.3 million worldwide debut. China contributed nearly half of the international total with a $90 million representing a record for the largest opening weekend for a foreign film.”

But, with all of that being said about the box-office, what does this all mean, in the end? Well, folks. We all know that most of Michael Bay's movies has been shunned by the 'vocal minority' (a.k.a. fanboys), critics, and such.

  Mostly what sums up the fanboy's reactions.
Mostly what sums up the fanboy's reactions.

As much as I don't consider these films to be cinematic gems, I wasn't expecting them to be. And neither should you. This guy hasn't always been known for making art-house, critical darlings. Love them, or hate them, these movies have their audience. And, that particular audience loves the sound of loud explosions from the sub-woofers of the multi-plex, sporadic action sequences, or the 'check your brain at the door' kind of entertainment. But, that's nothing new.

As this meme states:


And those elongated hours of loud explosions and the sporadic exposition of special-effects driven action scenes have always been Michael Bay's schtick. And it shows with every film his name is attached to.

Now, I sorta went off tangent, a bit. There's one little thing that I must bring up, here. And, even some of the Michael Bay haters would even agree to this. Michael Bay movies are officially critic-proof beast. From 2009's maligned Transformers entry, 'Revenge Of The Fallen' to 'Dark of The Moon', the Transformers franchise have accumulated more than a billion dollars in revenue--despite being considered as some of the worst cinematic work ever made by some.

The latest entry to the Transformers franchise has received an abysmal 17% (Rotten) score on the movie review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes, as seen below:


However, as the box-office results rolled in by the date this article was typed, it seems quite clear, that the critics didn't seem to matter. Sad, but true. But, that's nothing new. Look at the critical history of the Twilight movies. Hated by everyone else, but beloved enough to make monster cash at the box-office. I'm not supporting Michael Bay's cinematic discrepancies. But, if this is what some people like to watch? Well, who am I to judge? Some people may consider Michael Bay a master at destroying as many of people's childhood as much as an "Autobots vs. Decepticon" battle destroying millions of city landscapes. However, this man had the luck of delivering mindless entertainment that has made huge profit--even at the expense of those of you who hate him and his movies. And unfortunately, it won't come to an end anytime soon. We will all just have to learn to deal with it.

Give me your feedback. I'd love to know what you guys think about [Transformers: Age of Extinction](movie:206531), in the comment section, below. Also, hope you don't mind taking my little poll, for me. - Phoenix DA NERDETTE (@Da_Nerdette)


Do You Agree That Michael Bay's Movies Are NOW 'Critic Proof'?


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