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The super hero story is a modern derivative of all the past centuries heroes' tales. And as a very old formula it is ridden with cliches, identity issues and cheesy love stories. But that is why we love them.

The sci-fi accident in which the Average Joe gains super powers, the struggle of keeping his closed ones safe but hurting them with the secret of his true identity, the 'perfect' girl and the bad ass villains are all basic components of the classic superhero stories, pieces of the puzzle we love seeing adapted to film over and over and over again.

Slacktory created this funny video of the ten easy steps anyone can follow to make a superhero movie. Some are hilarious, like noticing how they all have to say their super hero name out loud at some point. Roll credits?

There is no debating every superhero story is the product of a very well known formula that can lead to a blockbuster hit or a huge flop. Like Hulk. But let's not point fingers.

Even though they keep pulling out the same tricks, what I love about superhero movies is that comforting feeling of familiarity. It's that excitement of seeing your childhood heroes come to life just like you imagined them. And sometimes you get to see the more adult version of the comic book story, with added layers of complexity that make it all the better.

Are there any other overused, cliche elements in superhero movies that the video missed?


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