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With the rumor of the first Batman V Superman teaser premiering at Comic-Con 2014, I got to thoroughly thinking about what the teaser might be and that lead me to thinking about certain plot points of the film so I will tell you what I want for those subjects.


The teaser opens up in a destroyed street of Metropolis with a fog of dirt filling the air. From the fog comes Superman marching out then standing and glaring about thirty feet across from him at the fog. In the fog is the silhouette of a man. The camera cuts to the ground where a pair of black boots stomp down in the gravel, the camera then pans up to reveal Batman glaring back at Superman. Superman begins charging towards Batman, Batman then begins charging as well. The camera cuts between the two charging twice before it shows a wide shot of the two coming up to each other quickly. As soon as the two are within four feet of each other, the teaser flash cuts to the titles and logo.


This is one of the plot points I thought about the most because the idea of the two heroes duking it out is awesome...but it also doesn't make sense. The title suggests that Batman will be the one starting the fight and I'm curious as to why he would start the rivalry. If what we've learned is correct and this is an experienced Batman, then this Batman is not an idiot in the least so he would know that Superman is not a menace since he does the same thing on a daily basis. If it's Lex Luthor trying to manipulate Batman into fighting Superman, well I don't think I like that idea. Like I said, experienced Batman has faced people like Riddler, the Mad Hatter, and Scarecrow. By this point, Batman would call Lex Luthor's lies. Superman becoming a villain and/or irrational is COMPLETELY against his character as well as fighting Superman is against his character. So that leaves the question: what brings them to fight each other? Well that brings me to my next segment...


It has been two-four years since the events of Man of Steel took place. Metropolis has been rebuilt thanks to LexCorp. The events of Man of Steel were being witnessed by the experienced vigilante from Gotham City: Batman.

He watched the entire fight of Superman against General Zod and has come to the decision that this man can be trusted but if he were to ever go rogue, there would be no chance for the military or government to stop him. Since Batman watched all the events, he could see that Kryptonian atmosphere lowers Superman to that of a human, he decides to use this information. As Bruce Wayne, he is able to beat LexCorp in the race to do research on the remnants of the World Engine in the Indian Ocean. Wayne takes a device that lets off Kryptonian atmosphere, takes it back to the Batcave and uses the small amounts of atmosphere and synthesized a new compound called...KRYPTONITE.

Alfred questions Bruce why he is going through all this trouble for something that is not likely to happen, Bruce replies by saying, "Not likely doesn't mean it will never happen." During all this, Lex Luthor and Superman have been getting to know each other and at first, Lex seems like a good man; he even builds a statue to Superman in front of LexCorp but Superman detects something off about Luthor. He remembers that Lionel Luthor's disappearance was strange, so using his x-ray vision he discovers the Lex killed his father just to gain the company, he also learns that Lex takes pills to control his anger. Superman then hears Luthor speaking quietly to a scientists about a project in sublevels, so Superman excuses himself to use heat vision to dig his way from the basement to a secret laboratory.

Little does he know that he was supposed to hear Luthor's words because not long after entering the lab, a device lets off a high pitched hearing that slightly dazes Superman allowing Lex to plant an earplug like device in Superman's ear that lets off waves to the brain causing Superman to become Lex's pawn. This was Luthor's plan all along: to use the Man of Steel like a weapon, to convince the world that Superman is a threat due to the damage that came from the Zod Battle, then try to push his new project: Metallo; a line of androids with the strength of Superman but controlled by the government. With these droids, Lex can control the world in five to ten years. Lex sends Superman out to cause havoc, which he does but it catches the attention of a certain man: the Batman.

Batman suits up in a brand new suit then heads off to Metropolis. Superman hears the Batmobile pull up to an abandoned section of the city, he sees Batman step out then starts flying towards him. When Superman got to about seventy five feet from Batman, Superman's powers quickly faded away making him crash. Laced throughout Batman's suit is kryptonite, allowing the two to fight equally.

Earlier in the story, it is established that Superman used the Command Key to learn Kryptonian martial arts from a holographic trainer. The two begin fighting and Batman knows something is wrong so towards the end of the fight, he finds the device in Superman's ear then destroys it. Once the Man of Steel is back to normal, the two meet for the first time and decide to work together to stop Luthor's plan. Batman goes to the Batmobile and changes into his normal suit, allowing him to work with Superman turn. The Dynamic Duo make their way to Luthor's lab where he has one Metallo at the ready but when he activates the android, the artificial intelligence makes him defy and attack his leader before Superman stops him from killing Luthor.

Superman begins to fight but then he remembers the destruction that happened with the General Zod fight so he flew himself and Metallo to the outskirts of Metropolis while Batman faces off against Luthor's private group of mercenaries, the leader played by Callan Mulvey who is a trained martial artist. Once the battles are over, the two heroes meet up with each other on the top of the Daily Planet where Clark Kent questions how Batman figures out who he is and Batman says, "There's a reason I am nicknamed "World's Greatest Detective" by the press." The two establish an alliance where Superman says that he would like to work with him again sometime, Batman just nods emotionless as usual. The film then ends with Donna Parker AKA Green Lantern and [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) descend down to tell them in a green energy bubble: "That might be closer than you think."

That's my hope for [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) and I hope you all enjoy this. Tell me your thoughts down below.


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