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It was recently announced that actor Scoot Mcnairy would be a part of the upcoming [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) movie. But, strangely, his role hasn't been clarified yet. So why don't we take a look at the possibilities.

Scoot Mcnairy
Scoot Mcnairy

The Flash

There's been a buzz for a while now – since the announcement of Jason Momoa as Aquaman – that the flash will make an appearance in the Dawn of Justice. But an actor is not required for this because it'll be a scene where a convenience store is robbed and flash stops it so could Mcnairy be set to play Barry Allen.

The Green Lantern

We've learned that Ryan Reynolds won't be reprising his role as Green Lantern in [Justice League](movie:401267) or in the Green Lantern/Flash team up movie, so maybe Mcnairy got the role of Hal Jordan in Dawn Of Justice? Which means he'll also certainly be confirmed for Justice League and the new Green Lantern film.

The Question?

The Question
The Question

Now this would be awesome! Question is though, he's one of the only DC characters yet to have a live action film adaptation - a detective who does everything to find out the truth. He really is a cool character and Mcnairy could bring a lot of dept into this character.

The Joker

It may not be necessary that Scoot Mcnairy have a positive role in the movie; after all, only Lex Luther has been included in the villains, so why not include Batman's arch rival. Mcnairy has already proven he can play a demented and twisted villain, as evidenced by his performance in Nonstop. However, I think that performance is better suited for....

The Riddler

In Nonstop, Liam Neeson encountered a number of cryptic and confusing messages, and, based on his performance in the movie, Scoot Mcnairy could most likely be playing the Riddler in Dawn of Justice. Well assuming he can be incredibly twisted and evil... making Edward Nygma his likely movie role.


Who do you think Scoot Mcnairy is playing in Batman vs Superman:Dawn Of Justice


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