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If the zombie apocalypse kicks off you'll find me in the Winchester. @moremattcarter
Matt Carter

What's the best form of transport for getting around during the zombie apocalypse? Well according to the latest images from the set of The Walking Dead, a big red fire truck covered in blood and guts.

Thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans, the image below was taken during filming on Season 5, and by the looks of this truck, it has absolutely destroyed a bunch of the undead.

Check it out:

It's a blood-soaked truck that's driven straight out of the gates of hell! Or Georgia. You decide.

We know the group plans to head to Washington DC to meet up with Eugene's scientist buddies (?) so perhaps this is the set of wheels that's going to get them there. I know that I'd feel pretty safe if I was driving this zombie-smashing monster vehicle.

What do you guys think?


Best form of transport in a zombie apocalypse?


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