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When rebooting a franchise, there's a few options available in naming the first movie of the renewed franchise. Of course, you can stick a cliche, overused word in the title to explain to audiences this is a new story or a prequel/sequel - take, for example, 'rise', 'age of', 'dawn', 'origin', 'rising' or any variation of those. Alternatively, you could simply give the new movie the exact same, or very similar, name as the original movie - thereby making it clear you're starting again AND confusing IMDB users for evermore.

The Terminator sequel/semi-reboot has been straddling both of these options. Originally, we heard it was officially titled [Terminator: Genesis](movie:34872), however it seems it may have been changed to simply Terminator - that's right, no 'The'.

The simpler name had been circulating for sometime, but now Bleeding Cool states that two unrelated sources have confirmed that the name change is official and binding.

Personally, I'm not sure if this is much of an improvement. Terminator: Genesis was a bad title, don't get me wrong. Firstly, it contained an example of the above mentioned cliche words, and secondly, as far as I can tell, the story isn't really a 'genesis' of anything. Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning as the T-800, while the story is expected to continue the same storyline as the original movies, albeit from a different angle and with some new actors. Furthermore, as far as I know, Phil Collins has never been associated with the production.

What do you think? Which title do you prefer?


Which title is better?

Source: BloodingCool


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