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On June 11, 1993, Isla Nublar came into our vision as palentology pro John Hammond flew over his amusement park of cloned dinosaurs in a helicopter. It was a brilliant spectacle of animatronics and pioneering CG technology. Now, over twenty years later, the evolved Jurassic World is getting ready to roar its way into theaters in 2015.

Summer 2015 seems like forever to wait for Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World, but as long as our helmer keeps teasing the fourth movie in the franchise, I'll keep waiting patiently.

Today brings yet another photo from the set, and this time things are a teensy bit bloody. Okay, so it doesn't give much in the way of context, but what the heck? Check out the image from Trevorrow's Twitter:

I do wonder if Jurassic World will dare to be a bit more bloody, since its predecessors were mostly squeaky clean in that regard. Of course, it'll be PG-13, and it has to be marketed for children, so I'm not expecting hardcore gore. Most of Jurassic Park's kills were implied rather than seen and that gave the movie a real scare factor. The producers were able to create a sense of dread and danger without really underlining the violence.

You can count me among the Jurassic Park fans who cannot wait for next movie, but I'm still totally confused at how the disaster present in the last three films wasn't enough to stop a new park from opening. Did Ian Malcolm and his "Gee, the lack of humility before nature that's being displayed here staggers me" mean nothing to them? Tut tut...


Do you want a real bloody Jurassic World?


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