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Just when I was starting to feel sorry for the clearly troubled Shia LaBeouf, he goes full douche bag on my ass by trying to rob a homeless man. Nice one, mate.

According to an eyewitness who saw LaBeouf wobbling around erratically before confronting a homeless guy on the street. It appeared to the witness as if Shia thought the homeless man's hat was his and Shia was trying to get it back.

According to other people on the scene Shia was making no sense and repeatedly telling the homeless man "It's me, Shia" as if he thought they knew each other.

Check out the pictures for yourself below;

I used to think that LaBeouf was going for more the Joaquin Phoenix 2010 approach, but now it looks like he is more of an Amanda Bynes 2013 man...

If this is some elaborate attention seeking hoax like I'm Still Here then LaBeouf has totally lost touch with what he's trying to achieve. Or, maybe I'm just not pretentious enough to understand.


Does someone need to section Shia LaBeouf?

(Source: Dlisted via TMZ)

(Images: Hit Fix and Huffington Post via Getty)


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