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Based on the eponymous novel by Cormac McCarthy, Child of God marks another ambitious directing project for James Franco after As I Lay Dying and Interior. Leather Bar.

The movie focuses on an violent exile in 1960s Tennessee named Lester Ballard (played by Scott Haze), whose life goes on a downward spiral as he gradually becomes ever more isolated from society, ending up residing in a cave.

... And yes, it looks every bit as bleak as The Road and No Country For Old Men. Take a look at the trailer and see for yourselves:

Well, wasn't that just fierce!

Being a sucker for authors who don't just dabble in lightweight yarns, McCarthy is my number one literary icon and I'm excited to see what's done with his Child of God. Plus, the movie looks like it'll offer Franco a necessary refresher from Seth Rogen comedies like This is the End and The Interview. Boy done good.


Will you be checking out Child of God when it hits theaters on August 1?

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