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Transformers: Age of Extinction opens up five years after "Dark of the Moon". We are introduced to the new characters. We have a hard working dad and a bitchy teenage daughter, then we have a dead beat employee/friend to the dad who is just there for comic relief...they tried at least making another Leo from Revenge of the Fallen. The film moves on and the audience is introduced to Kelsey Grammer's character. Who is obviously the new human bad guy. He is hunting Walberg, his daughter and the boyfriend after they find Optimus Prime. Walberg's character breaks into Stanley Tucci's character's business and learns that they are building Transformers of their own using the power they harvested called "Transformium". The film continues to go on and we meet Galavtron who ends up being Megatron in a new body. Am I the only one getting sick of seeing the same bad guy over and over again? Lockdown who is a bounty hunter transformer who ends up working for the government take down the remaining transformers. He makes a trade, a "seed" for Optimus Prime. The Autobots and Walberg's trio go to Hong Kong to get the "seed" that Tucci wanted to make more Transformium from. Megatron has other plans for the "seed". To use it and kill the humans making his own army of Transformers. There is a massive fight in Hong Kong with the Decepticons, and the AutoBots. Meanwhile Optimus finds the Dinobots and makes them fight for him because he knew he was out matched. Optimus gets into a fight with Lockdown and has help from Walberg. Grammer surprises Walberg and corners him pointing a gun at him. Over course he monologues and Optimus has enough time to shoot and kills Grammer while he is fighting Lockdown. Lockdown is killed by Optimus later in the fight. After the fight we see Galvatron/Megatron hiding within the trees like the coward he is and says..."We will meet again Prime." Oh who the hell didn't see that coming! The movie ends after a mind numbing 2hrs and 45mins.

There were some issues I found in the film. There were many nods to other films within this film plus some things that were just added to make the film go on longer. I made a list.

1. Lockdown has attack transformer dogs with fur on them. I interrupt this film to bring you The Hobbit (2012, 2013)

2. Walberg hides the "seed" within Hong Kong. I interrupt this film to bring you Transformers (2007)

3. Megatron chickens out so we can have yet again another Transformers movie. I interrupt this film to bring you Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

4. Lockdown uses his ship to destroy Hong Kong, using a tractorbeam/magent picking up and droping things. I interrupt this film to bring you Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) and Man of Steel (2012)

5. Megatron is resurrected into another body and becomes the bad guy once again. I interrupt this film to bring you Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen AGAIN!

6. Optimus destroys Lockdowns ship by launching a missile into the ship. I interrupt this film to bring you The Avengers (2012)

7. Hound is fighting Decepticons and yells, "I'm running out of ammo!" What? That never happened in the other films! You guys had unlimited amounts of ammo in the other films and now suddenly your running low? Yep that makes sense!

8. Walbergs daughter in the film is a total bitch to him and only cares for her boyfriend. I interrupt this film to bring you every movie that had a rocky father/daughter relationship.

There you have it readers, the review of the film and a little bit of a rant. I personally liked the movie, it was a good action flick. Though not too much story once again. Shocker there! There hasn't been a good storyline since Transformers (2007). What did you think of the film? Notice anything you want to add? Disagree with me completely? Comment below and leave out insults.


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