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Whether you loved or hated Man of Steel, most people agree that Henry Cavill was great as Superman. He was stoic, compassionate, firm at the same time, exactly like Superman should be. He pulled off the dramatic moments very well but his mettle as a comedic actor will be tested when he plays the bumbling Clark Kent. This is assuming they go with the nerdy awkward version of Clark Kent. Since John Bryne's Man of Steel and Mark Waid's Birthright Superman has left behind the awkward geek persona in the comics and has been portrayed as quite a normal guy. Man of Steel ended with Clark joining the Daily Planet so there is genuine curiosity which route they were going to go with regards to Clark Kent.

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Henry Cavill is a proud spokesman for the Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund, the Royal Marines charity which helps wounded and injured soldiers to begin their transition back into civilian life. Earlier this morning, the Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund tweeted a photo of Henry Cavill with one of the shirts, and he just happens to be on set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dressed as Clark Kent!

Aw Shucks !!
Aw Shucks !!

He looks like a legit reporter in this get up but visuals were never going to be a issue for this movie.This version of Clark Kent can go several different ways-

1] The Aww Shucks! nerdy Christopher Reeve version

2] An ordinary generic reporter look that we saw in Superman : The animated series, Birthright etc

3] The aggressive blogger type we see in the New 52 reboot

4] Something new entirely

Source: Batman-news

I am hoping for the first option since Batman is quite a serious character and so is Wonder Woman, Clark Kent persona can be a good comic relief. This will also go a long way in placating Richard Donner's Superman fans who felt cheated that the first movie strayed too much from the 1978 version.

What do you guys thinks? What type of Clark are you hoping for? Type in your comments below.


What type of Clark Kent are you hoping for?


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