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Welcome to the grand finale of our Indiana Jones reboot fan casting.

As the long and winding title suggests, we haven't come here to stare wistfully at Harrison Ford's big ole' visage. Instead we've come to determine his successor - if and only if Ford ever decides to hang up whip and fedora, and if and only if there actually is going to be a reboot.

Now, both are controversial questions better discussed at a different time and place. Let's instead fan cast the hell of one Dr. Jones, shall we!

In the right corner, a man who already succeeded one of TV's most notorious charmers, Dirk Benedict as Face, in The A-Team movie. He has the smile, the comic timing and the action movie chops. He is Bradley Cooper.

In the left corner, a man who managed to out-grizzle Viggo Mortensen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. His performance as "Pills" McCoy in the rebooted Star Trek franchise is full of dry humor, wit and delightful cantankerousness. His name is Karl Urban.

Who should be the next Dr. Jones, Jr. ?

Ladies and Gentlemen, cast your votes now!


Bradley Cooper vs. Karl Urban

Fell free to boldly influence your fellow voters in the comment section below!


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