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Ever since the full shot of the Shredder was revealed, the internet has been buzzing both positively and negatively about it. It's overkill. Too many blades. Cartoonish. He's too big. Heh, as Bay says, let them hate. BUT, one thing I haven't heard but from a few is how strange his armor looks. How it looks almost... alien?

In fact, more and more things are starting to make it look like they are borrowing from the 2003 TMNT cartoon for a LOT of their content. First there was speculations about Shredder's daughter being in the movie. Now lists Minae Noji as filling the role of Karai.

And Baxter Stockman is also cast in the likes of the 2003 cartoon where he first was interpreted as an African-American.

But how deep does this go?

Stephen Staffort (facebook): TMNT hideout
Stephen Staffort (facebook): TMNT hideout

According to in-depth investigation of the picture of the 'new' Shredder, the three toed symbol appears on the throat of the monstrous warrior. According the wiki on the 2003 TMNT animated series:

"During the course of the series the Shredder is first revealed to be the killer of Splinter's former master Hamato Yoshi and later an Utrom war criminal named Ch'rell who was responsible for causing numerous deaths throughout the galaxy under numerous aliases like Torrinon, Kako Naso, and Duke Acureds. The Utroms (except for Ch'rell) are a peaceful alien race who crash-landed on earth during the feudal period in Japan at the time when they were transporting Ch'rell. It was then that Ch'rell took on the guise of Oroku Saki, A.K.A. The Shredder."

Maybe the reason Shredder looks so alien is that his armor is alien? And, not only that, but Oroku Saki may be infested with an alien entity called CH'rell.

Tell me he doesn't look messed up!
Tell me he doesn't look messed up!

This, of course, harkens back to the day of the original cartoon with the hideous alien Krang!

What really bothers me is the fact that William Fichtner is still listed as playing the Shredder. Of course, this is probably just an oversight as is not offical.


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