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With the writer and director of the [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) movie now chosen and production set to begin sometime in 2015, We still don't have a clear picture of who will be Doctor Strange. There have been several casting rumors over the past year (Johnny Depp was supposedly in talks with Disney/Marvel Studios and Luke Evans was seen in pictures with other Avengers) but so far it has been narrowed to Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy.

While I think Tom Hardy was great as Bane and should be great in the rebooted Mad Max "Thunder Road," he's not really a good match for the good Doctor. Stephen Strange doesn't have the physicality that Hardy would portray on screen. Hardy is a bruiser. Cumberbatch however, has that deep voice and the slighter build that better suits Doctor Strange.

Give him the Doctor Strange Mustache (or in some cases- The Fu-Manchu) and he would fit the part quite well. At age 37, though quite young by Doctor Strange standards- He portrays the maturity of that type of cerebral character quite well in the Sherlock Holmes series.

Could he hold his own on screen against Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark? I don't see anybody better suited to. He has the charisma and presence on screen to do so. Also consider that Doctor Strange will be the leader of the Defenders- which may put him on Netflix in some capacity when they do The Defenders series. Cumberbatch is no stranger to doing Television.

So, What do you think?


Should Cumberbatch be cast as Doctor Strange?


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