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Marvel Studios has recently been making several movies and TV shows (and soon a few Netflix series). We all know that they are planning ahead several years as well. I have concocted a list of several heroes and villains that I would like to see in action in the future of Marvel studios.


Wasp is the only original Avenger who has not already appeared in the Marvel universe (or has been confirmed). She is a wildly important character to the Marvel Universe as well as just being a freaking cool one. Her inclusion could be a reason for Ant-Man to make the switch to Giant-Man (to avoid power set duplication).

Particular Inhumans

The Inhumans are coming, and we know that. There are a few members of the group that will obviously appear (Blackbolt, Medusa), but I would like to touch on a few that might not be as obvious. Particularly: Triton, the amphibious Inhuman. Lockjaw, the Inhuman pet dog. Crystal, the Inhuman with elemental powers. Crystal would be a good inclusion because she has ties to both Quicksilver and Ronan.


Nova is one of Marvel's greatest cosmic characters. There have been several rumors being thrown around about him being in The Guardians of the Galaxy. His inclusion is definitely necessary.


It would be silly to have an entire movie about Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) without including Mar-Vell into her origin. Especially since he could tie in to a future Kree/Skrull movie plot.

Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo is a killer villain (literally). Would be great to include in the next Captain America movie.... which would lead into ....(see 5a)

The Masters of Evil

The Masters of Evil would be an awesome antagonist group for the Avengers. It wouldn't be hard to introduce Skurge and Amora in the next Thor movie. The rest of the villains could be brand-new when they are introduced as Masters of Evil. Plus, this team would be a good way to include any earlier MCU villains who haven't reappeared yet.

The Young Avengers

Scott Lang's daughter has been confirmed as a character. It's wishful thinking, but I think that a Young Avengers movie would be super cool.


This is an oddball addition, I know. But, I think that Darkhawk has the ability to become a wildly popular character. I think that being in a movie can get him to that point. He is a pretty cool character as well.


Hercules is one of Marvel's best characters. It should definitely be beneficial to include in a movie. Maybe show him fighting Thor or Hulk.

Moon Knight

It wouldn't be difficult to have him be in the netflix wing of the MCU. He would be great netflix series material. But, he would also be awesome for a film.

Madame Masque

If there is ever another Iron Man movie, then this needs to be the villain. To be honest, she doesn't even need to be the main antagonist. She doesn't even need to be in an Iron Man movie, really. She could be a Master of Evil. She could be a minor villain in the next Avengers movie. Really any way to include her would be awesome.

Honorable Mentions:

Agent Venom- If Marvel Studios does get all of the film rights back from Sony, I know just who could be a good addition to the GotG.

Taskmaster- Hawkeye really needs a villain in the MCU.

Tigra- What a great idea for an inclusion to the Avengers. A live action Tigra would rock!

Stingray- Although he is widely recognized as a "bad character", I think he would be interesting as a supporting character in a film. He would actually be cool to see doing some actiony work underwater.

Wonder Man- A cool character with a cool story. Could be a part of the Masters of Evil. Could be a hero.

Thanks for reading folks.


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