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Wow, wasn't New Year's just a few weeks ago? Surely it isn't already July! The season is progressing faster by the day, and so is movie production. Some absolutely amazing movies have swung in during this first half of the year, and now we have the second half to look forward to and we won't be disappointed.

This movie guide is separated out into 4 genres, and each movie includes a trailer (if available) to help you decide on your favorite for the voting at the bottom. If you really don't care about a genre, skip over the category entirely to show us that you could care less about those movies.

First up is the grand and glory of movies: Action and Superheroes! With Marvel quick on the move, DC struggling behind, and some better-than-silver screen Indie productions coming our way, superheroes are where it's at. Action-wise, you have some sequels that you may not have realized were even being made.

Super-Fans & Action Junkies, VOTE HERE!

Maybe action isn't your thing. Maybe your more of a family-type person inside. Well animation and family films are going absolutely crazy this year. There are tons! Pull over the siblings, the children, the parents, and watch some of these, because I guarantee you'll want to see some of these in theaters:

For Animation & Family Fun, VISIT THIS!

For the most in-style genre, young adult! That's right, those teen novels that get all the media buzz, celebrity gossip, and attention from text-addicted teens like myself. Some of the biggest films are coming out this second half of the year: Mockingjay Part 1, If I Stay, The Maze Runner, and The Giver. Go vote here:

Young Adult Addicts, CLICK ME!

Oh, horror fans. We have some trailers that'll have you hiding behind closed eyes and plugged ears. You don't believe me do you? You're just like all the Horror movie victims: too curious for your own good. Well, I can't blame you. Check them out:

For the Horrors at Heart, CLICK HERE!

Thanks so much for participating! When the results are in for the top movies for each genre, we'll have one last vote to decide which movie we the fans are most excited for in the last half of the year. Which movie is your personal favorite? Comment and see who all shares your franchise fandom!


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