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There hasn't been much news as of late when it comes to X-Men. It's actually been pretty dead really. [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) is still holding strong at over $700 million world wide since it's release last month, and so far since then news has slowly died down. Well until today. It looks like Bryan Singer is scheduled to direct the next installment despite the recent allegations against him, but that's not the only confirmation. See for yourself:

Yes, that is in fact a shot of the prologue that has been drafted by Singer and Simon Kinberg. It was just recently released today, and seems to confirm that [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) will start where Days of Future Past left off. If you stuck around until the end credit scene you'll remember this image:

The photo doesn't reveal much about the prologue and is still subject to change. But it is a satisfying tease. Gambit is already confirmed, and now we are most definitely going to see "The Four Horsemen." Let's see what Singer has up his sleeves.

X-Men: Apocalypse is set to be released in May 2016.


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