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If you went to the movies this weekend, the chances are you watched "Transformers 4: Age of Extinction" It was the highest grossing film of the weekend and it has been the best perform by a Transformers movie in their debut. But then, at the end of the movie you might have come out with a ton of questions mark ok top of your head. Was I watching a reboot? Or the fourth installment on a continuing story?

I felt that way.

The movie does a great job with effects, the robots look great, and Optimus Prime really looks incredible. All the Transformers look amazing, period. And the acting is not bad, Walberg does a great job of leading the cast in this new adventure and the movie is definitely a breaking point for him as a leading man, with an incredible $100 million (and counting) made over the weekend this is officially the highest grossing opening weekend for a movie with Mark at the lead.

But, it still feels different somehow, I can’t complain a lot, the story is still acceptable, the robots look as I said before incredible and the movie is as expected from a Michael Bay film, packed with action, explosions, people running and more explosions. Did I mention the explosions?


One of the parts I wasn’t happy about ties more with the Transformers’ mythology and origin. In an effort to explore new concepts for a possible fifth installment, the movie has a somewhat contradictory origin for our Transformers heroes. Some fans might like it, I understand it, but I have yet to feel happy about it. Still, not there.

Then there’s the second thing that bugs me a little, I knew that it was impossible to see a cameo from Shia in this film, but a girl can dream, right? It just feels that the first 3 films are part of a complete different story and this one should have been titled: “Transformers: A New Generation” or something like it. But well, I won’t say that I didn’t spend my 165 minutes interested, it does catch your attention with all the things that go on.

I’m just saying that, at the end is the same old bad guy, still fighting the same awesome Transformers, with a new human family in tow this time. That’s it.


Definitely some people will come out amazed by the movie, the graphics, effects, production and action sequences that go around. But I am also sure some will think they watch the beginning of a new saga. Go and watch Transformers only if you are entering that movie theater expecting to forget about the world and have fun watching things blast around. After all movies are entertainment, amazing entertainment.

After that we can discuss what the best was and what the worse was of “Transformers: Age of Extinction”. I look forward to reading your comments!


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