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Ömer the Tourist, played by Sadri Alışık, was a popular Turkish character/hobo/funnyman who had his own series of movies. In 1973, Alışık made his last film appearance as Ömer in a film called Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda (Wikipedia translates the title as Ömer the Tourist in Star Trek, but it really translates to Ömer the Tourist: Space Road). This film is commonly known as "Turkish Star Trek", due to the heavy Star Trek similarities, particularly from the episode "The Man Trap", including bootlegged footage from the series.

The film basically is a sci-fi comedy dealing with Ömer being beamed onto the Enterprise and joining the crew in trying to solve a problem.

There were several differences between this film and Star Trek; for example, Spock is seen wearing a yellow captain's shirt, when Spock obviously wears a blue shirt, indicating that he was a scientist. The phasers also look a bit silly, and the whole movie had a somewhat lower budget than the higher-budgeted TV show that inspired it.

Honestly, I've never seen the movie, but I did get a little understanding thanks to Emer Prevost's "Reaction & Review" video for the movie on YouTube.


What do you think of Ömer the Tourist: Space Road?


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