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The Week in Geek is back to give you your weekly round up of all things rumoured, confirmed, and speculated this week. There may be mild spoilers ahead so proceed with caution!

Gone in a Flash!

The Flash premiere date was announced this week, Barry Allen’s first official outing will be October 7th with Arrow’s season 3 premiere airing the next day!

However, those who couldn’t wait until October were able to see a promo copy of the Pilot episode that leaked online through several streaming and torrent websites. If you were quick enough it was even available on Youtube for a couple of hours.

I was lucky enough to see it before it disappeared, and was very impressed with what I saw. It had a great mix of action, comedy, and drama. There were a couple of pieces of dialogue that were a little cheesy, but no worse than the first few episodes of Arrow and look how far that has come!

Hooked on a Fillion!

Last week we discussed the rumour that Nathan Fillion would be playing Nova in the Guardians of the Galaxy post credits scene. James Gunn was quick to deny these rumours which, of course, started a fresh new rumour that Fillion would be playing Cosmo the Dog. This time it was Fillion’s turn to deny the claims, prompting him to tweet the below response

Nathan Fillion shoots down those GotG rumours!
Nathan Fillion shoots down those GotG rumours!

Gunn has once again confirmed that Fillion will appear in the movie in a “Small Cameo” and that he “wanted to give him something where Nathan could have a larger role in the larger Marvel Universe” but “it didn’t work out in this movie”

Maybe it’s time to stop speculating on this one and just look forward to seeing Nathan Fillion in a Marvel movie, regardless of the part!

Daredevil’s Advocate!

Marvel announced the casting of Eldon Henson for their Daredevil TV series this week. Henson will be playing Franklin ‘Foggy’ Nelson, Matt Murdock’s best friend and law firm partner.

Marvel seem to be putting a lot of effort into building a strong cast for this series, and with whispers of this being street level incarnation of the hero, I believe this could be Marvel’s equivalent of Arrow.

Nightwing-ing it!

Scoot McNairy has been cast in an unspecified role for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. One rumour circulating suggests he will be playing Nightwing. However, as cool as Nightwing is, I don’t think we will be seeing him on the big screen just yet.

Batman v Superman is going to act as a springboard for a Justice League movie, and while the JL Roster hasn’t officially been announced, I can’t see Nightwing as a part of that line up. That being said it’s not beyond the realm of possibility, after all this universe is supposedly set long after Batman and Robin have gone their separate ways.

The fact that they haven’t specified his role could mean one of two things, either the role is very minimal but will be built upon in later movies, or it’s a very big role that they want kept under wraps.

I wonder if he would make a good Hal Jordan?

Sequel Shout Outs!

‘Star Trek 3’ director Roberto Orci has said his movie will take place in deep space, as the crew of the Enterprise start their 5 year mission. He also added that he crew will be closer to their original television characters than we have seen so far.

News of a new Predator movie being directed and co written by Shane Black dropped early this week. A first it was being hailed as a reboot of the franchise, Black quickly stepped in to clear up the confusion stating his movie would be an ”intuitive sequel”.

Fans of Pacific Rim rejoice! Recently Guillermo del Toro confessed to working on a script for Pacific Rim 2 in secret. Well now the movie has been given the green light and a release date of April 7th 2017.

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