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Gavin Mitchell

Full trailer was released for the new Dracula movie due out later this year, roughly October time. It stars The Hobbit and Fast and Furious actor Luke Evans as the dark prince himself, pictured above, also featuring Howard Stark actor Dominic Cooper most recently known for playing the antagonist in Need for Speed adaptation.

The story shown in the trailer is of how Vald becomes the fabled Dracula, route being a choice to become something powerful and evil to prevent his son, Game of Thrones' Art Parkison, going to war and protect the rest of his family, also featuring Sarah Gadon from Cosmopolis as Vlad's wife. A journey to a ancient place where Last Action Hero's Charles Dance is waiting to give Vlad the power he needs to do this. After he become Dracula there is to be a journey of realisation of what he has become and what he needs, to then sacrifice further to achieve what he set out to do. Queue major battle sequences and badass effects.

This is the first big Hollywood budget Dracula movie in 14 years since Dracula 2000, which I might add was a shaky film but good take on the Dracula story, which makes me quite excited. Lots of great actors, pick of the bunch mentioned, great fight sequences and ideas with a hint of The Mummy film series in the bat sequences from the trailer. Also since its director Gary Shore's first feature length Hollywood film he will be setting out to make a big impression with this, yet another good looking take on the Dracula mythology.


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