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X-Men Days Of Future Past is the latest installment in the X-Men franchise and is quite possibly the best film in the series! I love this movie for a few reasons (some of which I will get into later) Now, I don't get to go to superhero movies because my friends want to see the film with me because they don't read comics and I have to tell them what is going on. Now, this movie does have some easter eggs for the comic fans like me! You see, I had to see this movie two weeks after it was released because I would rather get good seats in a really crappy auditorium then get extremely crappy seats in a pretty good auditorium, I learned that the hard way with Godzilla, all though that wasn't the thing that put Godzilla off for me, that will get its own review from me, I was also a huge Godzilla fan and have been since I was 4 and the people on Moviepilot have never seen a Godzilla film before or probably don't know about the 28 movies movies that came before (obviously not counting the 1998 film) because I kept seeing articles that said that "Godzilla breathed fire" and if that news blows their minds then I better tell them about the news that water is wet. Im going off topic so lets get back to X-Men.

So the plot of this movie is that Wolverine has to go back to the past and stop the creation of Sentinels from ever being created. Now when this film started out and we saw Blink using her powers which is basically the portal gun from Portal and I couldn't help but realize the great resemblance between Blink and Elizabeth Olsen, just look:

Speaking of Scarlet Witch, let's talk about her brother Quicksilver! Now, Scarlet Witch is not in the film but Quicksilver is, however Quicksilver looks like the child of Ramona Flowers and The Flash in this movie.

Besides his appearance, he was the best part of the movie for me. I loved the scene where all these cops unload their guns on Quicksilver, Wolverine, Magneto, and Charles and Quicksilver ran on the walls and did all the things. Before this movie the one super power I would want is mutant regeneration or teleportation but now that I have seen this movie, I want super speed, like seriously if scientists ever decided to get test subjects for a superpower serum (not steroids) and they had super speed, I would get a flash!

Another thing in the movie that I loved was the portrayal of the sentinels and how brutal they could be, I mean they totally killed Human Torch, wait his name is Pyro? Then why would you have two different characters that have the exact same powers? The only difference is that Pyro doesn't have to say "flame on!" to activate his powers but I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past is the best movie in the X-Men franchise but thats not really saying much because this amazing movie was made to erase the absolute crap and also the good movie (X-Men, X2, First Class, The Wolverine) and another thing I like is that the movie set up a Deadpool movie.

This was a parody review, I actually think that the movie was possibly the best superhero film ever made.

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