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For those of you anxiously awaiting the drop date - all 10 Episodes of Hemlock Grove's second season will be released to Netflix on July 11th at 12:01am PST - get ready for some intensity with these new tidbits!

More Drama!

--> The shockwaves of Season 1's tragic finale are definitely felt in Season 2 with bad blood between Roman and Peter continuing to mar their friendship, but not their connection to one another.

--> After their season finale battle, don't expect Olivia and Roman to be hosting any events together any time soon. Roman has moved into a new house of his own, and even Olivia has her own private cottage away from the family mansion.

--> Shelley returns! No one knows where she is, or what she's being doing, but she's back in Season 2 with a new companion!

More Sex!

--> Set designer Drew Boughton described Roman's new house as "a contemporary haunted house designed to be elegant, but creepy." Boughton also indicated that Roman’s bedroom will be getting a lot of use - bow chikka OMG

--> A new character introduced in Episode 2 is rumored to become a new love interest for Roman and/or Peter with some possible vampire/werewolf love triangle action - my fingers are crossed that it gets weird or that we get some "back off, get your own sandwich" action...or a frisky threeway. You never know with this series.

More Science!

--> A major focus of Season 2 will be dedicated to finding out exactly what goes on in the White Tower of the Godfrey Institute. The mysteries of the biomedical engineering facility WILL be exposed - no matter what the cost.

--> A horrifying full body transfusion will be performed in the Godfrey Institute in Season 2 - and when they say full body, they MEAN full body.

More Supernatural!

--> Now that he’s gone full Upir, Roman will be dealing with unbearably intense "junkie" style blood cravings. I wonder how that will play out...

--> According to Collider, the SPFX team is feeling the pressure to top last year’s crazy transformation (seriously, the wolf eating the shed skin made my tummy flip). What they're promising for Season 2? Something even more over the top, I can't WAIT.

Prosthetics Supervisor Patrick Baxter says he thinks this year’s transformation sequences are on par with the legendary one in An American Werewolf in London, joking “I hope Rick Baker doesn’t hunt me down for [that].”

--> Norman will learn more about Olivia and her world of the supernatural. I predict this going VERY badly, but ending in some guilty sex as per his usual operating style.

--> Roman and Peter's shared dreams and visions will play a more pivotal role in season two (instead of being an afterthought or discarded detail), which could be awkward if they're fighting, or even more awkward if they're both after the same girl...

More gore!

--> On some of the more intense FX requirements,

“One of the ones that made me the most nervous was the surgical suite where Roman is getting his old blood taken out and new blood put in. They had robot arms from the automotive industry, used to build cars, and we built these giant five-headed syringe needle contraptions that needed to jab into his body, rotate, jab into his body, take the old blood out, put the new in…"


Season 2 is coming... What are YOU most looking forward to?

(Source: Collider)


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