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Just a few days ago, I posted an article titled "How Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Should Play Out", in which I presented my idea of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) given the information we already know about the movie in production right now: casting, scenes filmed, props built, plots hinted at, etc. But the thing about that article is this: that's not my ideal Batman/Superman crossover movie!

No, that's just the movie plot I typed up given the information I had. What I want to do in this article is present my ideal Batman/Superman movie if I were in charge of the DC Cinematic Universe and we were starting from the drawing board. Earlier this year I published another article, "What I would have done with the DC Cinematic Universe", and I'll probably borrow a few ideas from there, since people seemed to react pretty positively to that.

Oh, and after I publish the first part, y'all can help me with what comes next! Reply in the comments on what you would like to see happen next in the plot, and it will help influence what I put into Part Two!

Without further adieu, World's Finest:

1. The Title: World's Finest

This is probably the most important part to me. If I were making the first ever Batman/Superman crossover movie, I wouldn't make it a "versus" movie. I want to establish right off the bat that these two will be allies, and also establish that they are what the title implies: they are the "world's finest." Superman is the best superhero out there (solely based off of his wide range in superpowers and awesome character) and Batman is the world's greatest detective and is also a master strategist and martial artist and pretty much total boss. I would want to establish in particular that the Batman we are introducing is not the same Batman we've seen in all the other movies. Yes, Batman has had great movies, but to me they have failed to establish him as one of the "world's finest." He is an awesome, kickbutt superhero, but world's finest? Hardly. By titling the movie this, it would allow the audience to know that they are about to see a Batman like they've never seen before. They will see that strategist and detective that is present in the comics but fairly absent from the movies.

And all because I'm naming it this doesn't mean that the two superheroes can't fight one another. That's one of the establishing parts of it, actually: the two have to clash somewhat in order to establish that they are the world's finest. Batman needs to prove that he can stand up to the godlike Man of Steel even though he is nothing but a regular human with no superpowers.

But naming it Batman v. Superman? No way, Jose. It wouldn't make sense to have an entire movie titled "versus" to follow it by a [Justice League](movie:401267) movie where they are working together. It defeats the purpose of the movie...or it's naming, for that matter. Establish the characters for the alliance, not their differences.

2. The Plot

Okay, so let's get down-and-dirty into the thickness of my idea. This is how I picture World's Finest:

It would pick up just a few months after the events of [Man of Steel](movie:15593). The world is freaking out as a result of the "first contact," struggling to cope with the fact that not only do aliens exist, but there are powerful ones out there who can do a lot of damage to earth and its inhabitants.

Just as I suggested here, the movie would start with a bunch of news coverage -- shots of Superman and Zod's clash as they crashed through buildings and zoomed through the air, some of the footages mere blips of color as a result of the speed of their fight. Other news coverage shows personal interviews with the Man of Steel himself, where he makes public statements regarding his dedication to keeping earth safe and regret in admitting that a majority of the damage caused was his fault. More footage shows him lifting shrapnel to help rescue the trapped, and still more footage shows corpse upon corpse lined up in rows, covered in tarps and surrounded by cops as they try to perform a body count. In the background we hear Superman try to justify his killing of Zod, pointing out that Zod had stated that he was determined to kill every last person, so Superman had to kill him while he had the chance. He regrets having to kill him in front of a family, and promises that killing is a last-resort option and that he will only make a drastic move like that again if it is necessary. He promises to protect the skies and work the people's greater good. Pictures flash across the screen with him posing with children, making goofy faces and pointing towards his S-shield. More footage shows him helping in the reconstruction effort, and even shaking young, charismatic billionaire Bruce Wayne's hand as Wayne announces that a large portion of his funds will go to helping rebuild Metropolis.

The camera pans out and we see a man in dark slacks and a black sweater standing in front of a bunch of computer monitors in a dark cave, his hands clenching the rail tightly as he looks from screen to screen. The camera circles around and we see that the man is Bruce Wayne, the same man shown shaking hands with Superman just moments before. But this Bruce Wayne is different: his eyes are skeptical and lost in thought, looking from screen to screen as if he feels that he is missing some specific detail.

No words are spoken. He just sits there and thinks. Slow but dramatic music plays in the background. More footage is shown, displaying people running around holding signs that say things like "We love Kal!" and "It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...Superman!" -- you name it, there's a bunch of signs.

"Hey, Alfred, call up Lexcorp. See if you can get Luthor himself; book a meeting or something. Make it about the reconstruction effort or something. Don't bother with details."

"Right away sir," says a British voice, and an elderly butler pops up on the screen. He turns and begins to walk up a spiral stone staircase. "May I ask why?"

Wayne turns back to the cameras. "I think it's time I...figured out just who this Kal El really is."

Batman and Alfred
Batman and Alfred

A humming sound comes over the screen, and we see a glass case lift from the ground, holding a dozen or more Batsuits, each apparently for a different occasion (tactical, armored, heat resistant, etc.).

Wayne smiles.

The scene cuts to the Daily Planet, where Lois is in Perry's office, talking about some recent story she covered. She is being stubborn as always, talking about how she's right and he's wrong...y'know, just trying to cause an argument. All of a sudden, she sees a blur shoot past the window, cutting at an upward angle and disappearing in a split second. She gasps.

Perry notices her reaction and spins around, asking "What is it, Lane?" but she says that she thought she saw something, and wastes no time in getting back to arguing. All of a sudden there are a set of knocks on the door. "Come in," Perry orders, grateful to be distracted from Lois. The door opens and a rushed Clark stumbles in, fumbling with his cufflinks as he tries to get tidy. He's breathing hard as if he had just run a long way, and runs a hand through his hair. It's quite obvious that in the time between Man of Steel and now, he has been really working on the bumbling reporter thing.

"Chief, I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry. My alarm, it--"

"Can it, Kent. I don't really care that you're late. Just get to work. You're on assignment today, with the new kid, Jimmy...uh, Jimmy..."

"Olsen, sir! Jimmy Olsen!" a voice yells as a mid-twenties year old redhead walks in excitedly, a huge camera in his hands. "Hi, Mr. Kent, I'm Jimmy, Jimmy--"

"Olsen. Yeah, hi, Jimmy," Clark says, still messing with his cufflinks. He turns to Perry. "Mr. White, are you sure that I'm qualified to be showing him around? I mean, I'm still pretty new to this, and I'm sure Lois would be much more suitable to--"

"Kent, you really need to learn when to stop talking," Perry cuts in. "You'll be fine. You know what, this will actually be really good, you two getting to go out there and prove yourselves all alone. Kent, if you can handle an assignment this big all by yourself, you can look forward to a promotion real quick. And you, uh..."

"Olsen, sir," the kid replies quickly, a smile on his face.

"Yeah, you. Well, if you can snap some good pictures, you can consider yourself hired."

"I thought I already was hired, sir."

" can keep your job if you get some good pictures."

"Got it, sir."

There is a moment of silence. "So what're y'all waiting for?" Perry bellows loudly.

Clark jumps, finally looking up from his cufflinks. He pushes at his glasses. "Right away, Mr., chief." He turns away, flashing Lois a quick wink. She blushes, never able to take his nerd-act seriously. She turns back to Perry and you can hear her jump back into her argument as the door closes behind them.

"So, uh, where are we going, exactly?" the young photographer asks Clark.

"To just perhaps the biggest meeting of the last decade."

The scene cuts to four men sitting in awkward silence around a glass table. At first only Clark and Jimmy are visible, but the camera zooms in on each of them and circles around, slowly revealing each of the men one by one -- first Clark, who sits in his chair looking downwards, appearing shy; then Jimmy, who looks around excitedly, his camera in his lap; then Bruce Wayne, who shifts uncomfortably as if unsure what to say (in one quick, fleeting moment, you see him give Clark an uneasy glance, as if he can see right through his disguise); and last, a young Lex Luthor with a full head of thick hair, a smile plastering his face. He has a glass of Scotch in his hands, and takes a sip, looking from each man to the other, obviously amused by the situation.

Clark coughs. "So, um...Mr. Wayne, what made you decide to help aid Metropolis? From what I hear, your own city needs plenty of help as it is, in regards to crime and...well, crime."

Jimmy flips up his camera and snaps a picture.

Bruce laughs. "You draw a valid point, Mr...Kent, is it?" Clark nods. "Yes, Kent. You draw a valid point. The reason I decided to come to Metropolis and help is because...well, it's because your situation was more drastic. Yes, back in Gotham we have plenty of crime running our streets and yes, that stuff definitely needs to come to an end, but Metropolis? Metropolis was directly subject to an alien invasion, and they definitely need more help than Gotham does right now. Gotham is used to the crime. No one is used to aliens or superpowers or...what do they call that guy who runs around in those blue tights? The chick magnet who shoots lasers from his eyes?"

"Superman!" Jimmy piped up.

"Oh yeah, Superman. That's it. Nobody anywhere is used to that; it's all too new for them. I figured I'd help the best I could, but heck, even I am having a tough time figuring it all out. I just want to help the best I can."

"I see," Clark responds. "And Mr. Luthor? What're your opinions on Mr. Wayne's financial aid?"

Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor

Lex smiles, taking another sip of Scotch, acting nonchalant and kind of cocky. "I'll take whatever help I can get, y'know? If Mr. Wayne here wants to help me save those who need saving, I'm not going to stop him. I want what is best for this city, Mr. Kent. If Mr. Wayne and I joining together will help rebuild this city quicker, than I'm all for it." He winks just as Jimmy catches another photo.

"And what is your opinion on the alien?" Clark asks.

"Zod?" Luthor asks. "Well, he was obviously evil, hell bent on--"

"No, the other one," Clark says. "Superman. 'The guy in the blue tights,' as Mr. Wayne said earlier. What do you think of him?"

Lex squints and actually takes a moment to think before he speaks. "Oh, good ole Boy Scout, ya mean? Well, asking about him is a touchy subject, because everyone seems to just love him, don't they? I myself can't really figure him out just yet, but he seems to be helping. But...I don't know, he's an alien, and that's a red flag, if you ask me."

"In what way?" Clark asks, looking up from his notepad.

"Think about it, he's alien. He has no real right to be here, yet he shows no signs of leaving. Heck, according to him, he's lived here since he was just a kid! Lord knows how many others are out there just like him, waiting to attack. And look at all the power he has; power like that will go to his head. He wants to be our Jesus, it seems. Our savior. Our god. Well, I just don't know about that, in all honesty. This is our world, and in my opinion he should leave it like that."

"He claims that his home was destroyed, and since then scientists have confirmed it. Where do you suggest he go?" Clark asks. Jimmy snaps another picture.

"I don't know, Mr. Kent," Lex says, over exaggerating his hand motions. "Anywhere but here."

"And what do you think about him, Mr. Wayne?" Clark asks.

"I can't say I've developed an opinion quite yet," Bruce says, flashing a magazine-cover smile. He sits back in his seat, slouching comfortably. "What's with the peaking interest in Superman, Mr. Kent?"

"Huh?" Clark says, pushing at his glasses and looking up from his notebook again. "Oh, Superman? Uhh...y'know, just trying to keep up with all the mainstreams; he's kind of a big deal."

Bruce smiles, and the scene cuts.

(to be continued...)

You can view Part II of World's Finest right here.


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