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I feel so far behind with films for some reason. I spend much of my time reading and writing that I fall behind. However, I was finally able to see Her, and wasn't disappointed. From what people had told me, I thought it was one of the dumbest ideas—but I was wrong.

This film was a 'Best Picture' at the Oscar's, and rightfully so. Not only was the directing and DP work phenomenal, but the acting was as well (as well as the screenplay and everything else). I haven't seen many films with Joaquin Phoenix, but I think he nailed his part. From the mannerisms all the way to body language and dialogue, I think he fit the part perfectly.

The film is meant to take place in the future (which is obvious when you watch it), but the fashion seems to have taken an odd turn. I don't know, but almost every man throughout the film seems to have his pants pulled to his nipples (why? I don't know). It's just an observation.

Basically, you have this OS system that the main character purchases, and it's extremely intelligent and is able to experience things, and change over time. I thought this was a great idea (who knows, this could become a shade of reality in the future). Phoenix plays the main character Theodore, who has just gone through a divorce, and is looking for love.

At one point, he mentions something to the effect of his decisions being as difficult as choosing between video games and internet porn. He has "phone sex" in the film, which is sort of awkward, but it begins to make sense as the film continues. Actually, there are a lot of awkwardly interesting concepts throughout the film (I'm not a spoiler, so watch the film!).

Theodore eventually finds out that Samantha (the OS) actually loves many people, and has been communicating with many people throughout her and Theodore's relationship.

Although people (including myself) can't understand a relationship with a computer, it's the emotions behind it that make the movie worth watching. Theodore realizes that he isn't unique like he once thought he was to Samantha. He is just another among hundreds and thousands of people. It's quite sad, and some may disagree, but to each their own.

I guess this is because in some weird way, you are rooting for Samantha and Theodore at the end...

Spike Jonze (the writer and director of the film) did a great job. As well as incorporating humor in the film, he made very realistic dialogue and mannerisms. Everything as far as dialogue and mannerisms go, you would see all of it in your day-to-day life. That is something that I really liked about it. It is something that I could identify with. I wasn't completely ignorant of what was going on.

There is a ton of vulgarity in the film, but isn't the actual world filled with vulgarity as well? The purpose is to be realistic, and not sugar coat things.

My favorite part of the film is this little white/blue guy in the video game, and his interaction with the main character Theodore. It's cheap humor, but something that I enjoyed nonetheless and something that caught me completely off guard.

Overall, I would give this film a 9.5/10. Absolutely wonderful.


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