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If you follow my posts regularly, you'll know that I'm not a big fan of remakes. So even though we all know that Hollywood are trying their very best to destroy as many classic and successful movies as they can, here is my list of 5 movies which cannot EVER be remade (and if they are, will never be anywhere near the standard of the original!)

5 - The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The Shawshank Redemption has an incredible score of 9.3/10 stars on IMDB, and has been named the best movie ever made. So what do you think's going to happen eventually? You guessed it, film producers will fight to the death over who gets to remake this classic. Hate to tell you guys, but it just won't work. Why? Think about it, this movie has a cult following, with the two classic characters Andy DuFresne and Red played by Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, and you just can't replace any aspect of this film. This movie has very strong morals, and is a bit of a tear jerker at times. I don't know of any other film that I have watched where I could relate to the characters so well, even if they do come across as slightly mysterious. Imagine having someone else trying to fill Morgan Freeman's shoes... I mean, it would be just weird!

4 - The Shining (1980)

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, hold your horses - I know what you're thinking. Yes, The Shining was indeed remade in 1997, by Stephen King himself - but for good reason. If you read the book, it's highly likely that you were pretty upset by the movie. Stanley Kubrick made no effort whatsoever to keep any aspects of the book in his movie, which I know upset me, and probably upset a lot of other King fans. Anyway, back to the topic at hand! Despite Stanley Kubrick's failed attempt at retelling King's classic story, this was (and still is) an awesome movie! The only downfall here is Shelley Duvalls second-rate acting, which I can honestly say was the only bad thing about this movie, but for me personally makes watching the film a real struggle during her scenes. Woops, I'm getting off track AGAIN.

So anyway.... The Shining was such a great movie, and is still named one of the scariest movies ever made, and rightly so. It's a movie full of sheer psychological terror, and no matter how advanced the effects are nowadays, no matter how gory they could make a remake - they will be completely missing the point of the original film. Sure, the actors would be easy enough to replace (they had great casting choices in the miniseries, looked exactly how they were described in the book) - but without having that same eerie feel that the original had, it just would. Not. Work.

Shelley Duvall.... Just....Oh my god.

3 - The Exorcist (1973)

Ahh The Exorcist, the scariest movie ever made. This movie has 2 sequels and is basically the mother of all exorcism films. Granted, this one is pretty damn dated nowadays, but that doesn't mean that it isn't frightening by anyone's standards! Especially that stair scene. *Shudder.

A direct remake of the original Exorcist would never work, and here's why. This movie has gained such a cult status, and has been either watched or at least heard of by just about everyone. So why would a remake not work then? Well, because the original has become such a go - to for horror fans, no one would be interested in seeing their favorite exorcism movie destroyed! Over these 41 years horror fans across the world have got to know this film inside out, knowing the lines and the actors, so how could they expect to copy it and be successful? As I stated earlier, movies nowadays just don't seem to be able to create that intense scary atmosphere that the oldies can, despite the updated effects modern day movies have to offer. On top of that, I think everyone has had enough of exorcist movies by now anyway!

(Clip contains mature content)

2 - Ghostbusters (1984)

One of my all time favourites as a kid! Could you just imagine having different actors play as the Ghostbusters? Heck, I certainly couldn't! Ghostbusters is CLASSIC, and in my opinion, one of the best movies from the 80's. Remaking this one would just be wrong on so many levels! The effects in this one ARE dated, but not hugely, and hey - better effects certainly does NOT mean a better film right?

Maybe it's just me, but I just cannot get my head around how a movie like this could ever be remade. Sure, they'll probably do it eventually - but we all know for a fact that it will NEVER live up to the original. A remake would be darker, probably too cheesy for adults and too scary for kids, and just an all round failure. They'd never come up with something as funny as the giant Stay Puft Marshmallow man nowadays, would they? And if they tried to copy it, my guess is that it would be a CGI atrocity, because lets face it - film makers are too lazy to do it the old fashioned way anymore.

1 - The Terminator (1984)

Now can I just start by saying, 1984 was one of the most awesome years ever, as far as I'm concerned. We got so many great movies, like The Terminator, Ghostbusters, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Gremlins, Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, The Karate Kid, and the list goes on. But my all time favorite movie from 1984 is The Terminator. Full stop. I have seen this one SO many times, and it just never gets old. This is another one that has gained cult status over the years, and is considered one of the best action films ever made, even if it's 1991 sequel Terminator 2 was slightly more popular.

Now although you could argue "If they wanted to send a terminator that would blend in with the crowd in AMERICA, then why would they send a 6ft2 incredibly Austrian sounding one?" Well..... well, I actually have no answer to that. Either way, Arnie is the T-800 that we have all come to know and love, and replacing him with another actor just wouldn't work for a terminator movie. I mean honestly, look how much Terminator Salvation bombed in the box office. One can only imagine the awful-ness that would occur if they tried to remake the original movie, with different actors and probably overwhelming effects.

So, do you agree with my list, or do you disagree with all 5 of my choices? Which of these remakes would be the biggest failure?


Which of these movies (if remade), would fail the most?


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