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Note: Potential SPOILERS for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and some old comics, below:

Kevin Smith is a pretty straightforward guy. When it comes to comedy movies, he likes it broad, foul-mouthed and full of Jason Mewes. His thoughts on beards could hardly be more clear cut. His mastery of comic-book geekery very much continues this trend

Smith in many ways embodies both sides of the comic-book geek spectrum. On the one hand, the side of us that needs - and embraces - the new. On the other, the side that reveres - and defends - the old. His work on the aborted 90's Superman adaptation Superman Lives was partly creatively updating the Superman mythos, but mostly stopping producer Jon Peters from adding in ever more giant spiders and comedy robot sidekicks.

When he speaks out on the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, though, he's speaking not just as an industry insider, but as a complete, utter, sheer and unadulterated fan - just like the rest of us. The only difference is that he's friends with Batman.

His latest revelation? Lex Luthor's dastardly plan.

Clearly a man with a plan.
Clearly a man with a plan.

As Smith put it recently in his Fat Man of Batman podcast, the destruction of Metropolis in Man of Steel is "integral to their next plot". The reason?

Like the word is Lex is very like, ‘We can’t trust this Superman, because look what he did to our city.’

Which is...more or less what everyone was already expecting. The only key difference is that when Smith speculates, there's a decent chance someone who's involved with the filming tipped him off.

It's also, in a way, a perfect example of the way in which Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice seems to be combining a respect for the iconic stories that came before it with a warm embrace of the new.

Take a look at Lex Luthor:

With reports suggesting that he'll be a very Mark Zuckerberg-y version of the character - which with Jesse Eisenberg in the role makes a certain amount of sense - the odds are that he'll be a far cry from the beefed up, testosterone-filled paragon of aggressive capitalism that has been the comics recent Luthor.

Pictured: Capitalism.
Pictured: Capitalism.

At the same time, he's also in many ways returning to the Luthor of the 1980's - one who was very much intended as a symbol of his time. The main difference being that the Luthor back then was...a little more square.

Though he had awesome hair.
Though he had awesome hair.

The question is, what will this mean if this same trend applies to Luthor's plans for Superman?

Luthor has traditionally hated Kal-El for largely jealous reasons (the destroying his hair thing was always a bit tenuous), so if he is indeed going to lead a public campaign against him, then he will very much fit into the character's heritage. Simultaneously, though, this campaign could lead to him becoming a very different figure to some of the versions of Luthor we've seen in the comics.

Some of them, anyway.
Some of them, anyway.

Y'know, the homicidal, psychotic, vengeance-crazed, battle-armored version(s).

Or the Australian clone who dated Supergirl.

Yup. That was a thing.
Yup. That was a thing.

Whichever way the character goes, he'll break with a whole lot of convention, and stay faithful to a whole lot more.

The hard part is getting the balance right, which means the question ultimately comes down to this: what do you guys think is the most important element of Luthor's character - and will the film keep true to it?

[Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) is set for release May 6, 2016 - though which version of Luthor we'll see might not be confirmed for a while yet.


What does Lex Luthor most need to be in Batman v Superman?



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