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Despite AMC announcing plans for [The Walking Dead Spinoff](series:1117438) ages ago, we've since heard practically zero information about the show.

Until now.

The showrunner on The Walking Dead, Scott M. Gimple, spoke about the spinoff at the recent Saturn Movie Awards and whether there'll be a crossover between the two shows. What he said is incredibly exciting:

I have little to do with the spinoff… This I do know. It’s set in the world of The Walking Dead but from what I understand, it’s not like Daryl’s cousin or anything… I would never say never [to a crossover between the shows] because if I was a viewer I would say that sounds awesome. But we’re doing our own show. I also think a crossover might be tough because it would take a lot of [license] within the comic story. We’ll see. When we get to all-out war, who knows? We’ll add another faction. It’ll be the Saviors and the Hilltop and the ‘Spin-offers’.

Holy hell!

"Before we get to all-out war..." Not "if" or "in case" but "before". I suspected that a lot of the comic plotlines would be somehow adapted for the TV show, but this is definitive proof that they're moving towards the 'All-Out War' storyline, which, for anyone who's read the comic, is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

Like this, but with actual people
Like this, but with actual people

This means that we'll definitely get to see Negan and the Saviors at some point, as well as see the group rock up at Washington DC and then the Alexandria Safe-Zone. It also means that a fair few of the characters we've come to love ain't gonna make it to the end - although that'll hardly come as a surprise to anybody who's been paying attention to the show.

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By my estimates, [The Walking Dead](series:201193) might get to 'All-Out War' by Season 7 or 8, which means we'd also have had a couple of seasons of the spinoff show and some quality bonding time with the new characters by that point. For them to then potentially turn up in The Walking Dead proper would be beyond amazing.

The future's bright, the future's The Walking Dead.


Would you like to see TWD and the spin-off crossover?

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