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There could be a dispute brewing between J.J. Abrams and Disney about the release date of [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158). J.J. wants a summer release - like the other Star Wars movies traditionally had - while Disney want a release six months previous to this, in December 2015.

There are basic facts surrounding and confirming this one. According to Latino Review the dispute is between three people: Director J.J. Abrams, President of LucasFilm and Brand Manager of Star Wars, Kathleen Kennedy, and Bob Iger of Disney.

Iger wishes to have the December 2015 release while JJ and Kennedy want to have the release date the following Summer, in May 2016. So Iger is pushing the production to keep its early release date and sources have confirmed that he is getting it. It would appear that finishing on time is Iger's priority. We are left wondering that if this is his priority, will the film suffer?

To be honest I prefer the movie to be later and better rather than early and substandard. However if Abrams and Kennedy are delaying the film by almost six months just for nostalgic reasons then I think the movie should just come out when it's ready in December. Both slots are as good as the other. December is a slot that will be empty of a blockbuster after the Hobbit trilogy finishes and summer will mean it falls in the summer blockbuster slot.

What about you, do you think that an early date could hinder the film?


Star Wars Release?

Source: Latino-Review

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