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We all knew that it was going to happen at some point, but nothing could have prepared us for the reality of Eric and Jason's steamy gay sex scene!

In the fantasy dream sequence, Jason Stackhouse had yet another gay wet dream and his latest offering was an ode to the giant Viking vampire sex god, Eric.

Some blogs have deemed the scene as totally unnecessary sensationalism, but I think they might need an urgent libido transplant! Like most sex scenes, this erotic romp is totally disposable, but what would [True Blood](series:200767) be without acres of naked flesh stretching as far as the eye can see?

Okay, so the whole thing looked like a badly scripted '80s porno crossed with an over the top R rated telenovela, but it still featured two of the hottest hunks on the show writhing around naked, so I will let it off.

Alas, the only video I could find is drowning in hideously loud music so hit the mute button and imagine your own sweet, seductive soundtrack for maximum effect:

And there was an unexpected plot twist! Who expected Jason to be the top in this pairing?!

Bless Jason, he is clearly a delicate little flower at heart! We've seen him in plenty of in sex scenes that they can get pretty rough and raunchy, but when it comes to Jason's own homoerotic musings he's as gentle a demure as a Catholic school girl!


Were you shocked by Eric and Jason's sex scene?

(Source: The Daily Beast)

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