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Ian Somerhalder had all of us firmly cheer leading for his cause when it came to his presentation to congress on anti-poaching legislation, but it seems like he had a much more unusual supporter. None other than Nina Dobrev's mom, Michaela Constantine.

While Nina was sunning herself on holiday and posting snaps on Instagram, Michaela was clearly dreaming of the son-in-law who got away. She posted on her Twitter account;

You gotta sympathize with Nina, we've all been here before!

It's always the boyfriends that you break up with that moms choose to canonize and bring up over dinner table conversations all wistfully misty eyed. And when that ex just happens to be Ian Somerhalder, I'm sure Michaela's unsubtle hints about what a wonderful man he is are pretty unstoppable!

I think we all know what Nina's mom wants to happen in terms of their relationship, but will Dobrev take a bit of parental advice?


Do you think Nina's mom wants Ian and her daughter to get back together?

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