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Amy Adams has a long line of servicemen in her own family, so when the actress saw a U.S. soldier at the airport, she knew exactly what to do.

As a token of thanks and gratitude for his service, Adams discreetly gave the soldier her first class seat on the flight from Detroit while she switched to roll with the 'great unwashed' in coach.

ESPN2′s Jemele Hill - who was also on the flight - said that Amy didn’t make a big song and dance of her act of charity. She simply talked to the soldier for a little bit before wriggling into the more 'cozy' section of the plane. Jemele told ABC News that;

I noticed Ms. Adams was in first class and as I was getting seated, I saw the flight attendant guide the soldier to Ms. Adams’ seat. She was no longer in it, but it was pretty clear that she’d given up her seat for him. I was incredibly impressed, and I’m not even sure if the soldier knew who gave him that seat. I guess he will now! Ms. Adams did it so quietly and quickly that it speaks to her character. And somebody in coach just got a helluva seatmate

She also posted on Twitter about the event;

The best thing about this story is how Adam's clearly wasn't angling for any sort of publicity from this story. When the press tried to question her she brushed them off by saying;

I didn't do this for attention for myself, I did this for attention for the troops

She also has her own deeply personal reason for wanting to support those who risk their lives serving in the forces.

Adams' own father was U.S. serviceman who was stationed at Caserma Ederle in Italy at the time of her birth. When the [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) was a child she travelled from army base to army base with her family until they settled in Castle Rock, Colorado, when she was eight years old.

Spending all that time in close quarters with the forces is bound to have taught Adam's to respect the hard work they do to protect our country, and it's something she has clearly never forgotten.

Hats off to you, Amy.


Were you impressed with Amy Adam's actions?

(Source: Dlisted via ABC News)

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