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We've all been smelling what The Rock has been cooking for a few years now. Although some of it smells remarkably like feces, (Journey 2, Get Smart), the majority of it smells like sweet sweat and pure testosterone.

This time around, Dwayne Johnson has bulked out like a big old bear for his role in Hercules. A massive, sweaty, growly, Polynesian bear. He certainly looks to have had his fill of chicken, and brown rice, and 'roids - so I'm totally pumped for him to lay the smack down on lots of unsuspecting people as the titular eponymous warrior. Check out the brand new Hercules TV spot and see if you agree:

Johnson may have muscled himself into a Hercules role, but will the 6 foot 5 demigod be able to pull off leading a team of mercenaries to train the Thracian army? Yes. Yes, he will...


Will Hercules be as mighty as we're all hoping?

(Source: ComicBook)


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