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The Max Mad reboot, Mad Max: Fury Road has certainly had a bumpy journey. The film started principle photography over three years ago, and now it's still only due in theaters in summer next year.

Presumably footage has been knocking around the Warner Bros. offices for months, but we've still yet to see a micro-second of it. All we've been treated to are some, admittedly rather impressive, stills showing off the tone and aesthetics of the 'new interpretation.

According to IndieWire, we can now expect to see footage at Comic-Con and a teaser trailer in the not too distant future. Furthermore, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director George Miller has provided some more extensive insight into the project, including its slow production and the lack of CGI. The following quotes are taken from

On the lack of CGI

Miller says around 80% of the movie was shot using practical, non-CG stunts and that evidently added a ton of challenges when shooting in a hot, dry desert with brutal conditions. But Miller says he was trying to create, “not just a physical experience, but an intense emotional one.”

On the synopsis

The released synopsis is evocative, but doesn’t tell much, plot wise, other than it’s about a rebel (Theron) who believes her path to survival may be achieved if she can make it across the desert back to her childhood homeland. Max obviously crosses paths with her. According to the magazine, their characters “have a contentious relationship for most of the film.” Nicholas Hoult plays Nux an acolyte of the evil warlord (who ever that is).

On the production and reshoots

The magazine says the film was a treacherous 116-day shoot in a baking desert (Hardy’s already said it was, “hot, isolated… and mental”). And there were 19 days of soundstage reshoots, days which Miller says were always planned, but he couldn’t pull them off on location in hot and sweaty Nambia. “Nothing about this movie was a walk in the park,” Theron said. “Vanity went out the window.”

On the script

Theron was on board, before there was even a screenplay just based on the evocative 150 pages of storyboards. “There was so much about this movie that intrigued me,” she said. Miller’s producing partner, Doug Mitchell said those same storyboards sat in his office for years, “like a Mozart symphony waiting to be played.” This all backs up Miller’s comments from 2011 where he said this new film was pretty much the same version of the aborted one he wanted to tell with Mel Gibson back in 2003.

On the lack of dialogue

Miller already said he wanted to make a movie featuring few digital effects and even less dialogue and the magazine says Miller’s intention was to design the movie with images and not words. And Theron echoed that sentiment of silence. “To not have to rely on dialogue…I knew right off the bat that this was going to be like a huge ballet.” Obviously Warner Bros. aren't going to make a $150 million dollar silent movie blockbuster, but it's nice to hear even the actor echo that adventurous-sounding idea.

On the apparant tension between Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron

Everyone interviewed downplays the reported clashes and battles between Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. “Tom can be very playful, but he was also Mad Max,” Miller said. “Max is a very damaged character who wants nothing to do with other people. He’s a trapped wild animal. To immerse yourself in that role… you do carry your work home.”
If there were issues on set, they appear to be in the past. “For me personally, it was an exhausting movie to make,” Theron explained. “But there was never anything personal between Tom and me. I wouldn’t have wanted to make this movie with anybody else.” And Hardy’s take on it all? The actor downplays any contentious days completely, shoots down method acting and says he got along great with his co-star.

Currently, [Mad Max: Fury Road](movie:41445) is expected to open on May 15, 2015. Keep an eye out for that trailer at this years Comic-Con.


What are your expectations for Mad Max: Fury Road?

Source: EntertainmentWeekly (via IndieWire)


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