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Woody Allen has had a rather wobbly last stretch of his filmmaking career - not to mention his private life - but with 2011's Midnight in Paris and last year's Blue Jasmine, he seems to be hitting a new stride...

So - what's up next? It's Magic in the Moonlight. Set in the 1920s, the Emma Stone-starring romantic comedy centers on an Englishman (Colin Firth) who visits the Southern France to unmask a swindle. Check out the latest batch of new stills for the movie and see if it be temptin' ya:

Whaddya think? Will it be sighs all round for Woody as back to continental Europe he goes...? Stone and Firth are hardly lacking in charm but with 28 years between, a romance just feels a little dubious.


Woody Allen's European vacation?

(Source: IndieWire)


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