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Way back in 1985, a guy named Lindsay Fleay had a dream - a dream that involved taking LEGO - the greatest toy known to humanity - and turning it into a film.

That film was only 16 minutes long, and took four and a half years to finish. It suffered through years of legal wranglings and was, at one point, almost confiscated by lawyers. Eventually, though, it came to be recognized as a landmark moment in LEGO cinematic (aka BrickFilm) history - and may even have helped to inspire The LEGO Movie itself.

Y'see, the film is called The Magic Portal, and involves...well, a magic portal, and an incredibly elaborate series of hijinks that ensue when it's used.

Now, if any of you LEGO Movie fans out there vaguely recognize that name - there's a reason for that.

It's totally in The LEGO Movie.

Remember that scene right towards the end of the film where Finn, the little kid in the real world, sends Emmet back to the LEGO world? Well, guess how he does that?

Yup. That's absolutely a thing. And if you thought that was cute - wait until you see the short film itself:

Yeah, that's pretty much maxing out my awesomeness-handling capabilities right now - and making the wait till the next installment of The LEGO Movie all the more cruel...

[The LEGO Movie](movie:376368) is available on DVD now - which is good news, really.


What do you guys think? Loving The Magic Portal?

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