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If you were asked the question “Which Superhero should be the icon of London?” you would need to understand the meaning of the word icon to answer comprehensively. This article will aim to give you a definition, select a candidate and justify the reasons for our choice!

Originally an icon was a religious work of art from the Greek word “image”. In broader terms it came to mean a likeness or sign that stood for an image, picture or representation and in modern culture became a name or face that was easily recognised as having outstanding qualities. This person is revered and idolized. For these reasons my nomination for Superhero in London is Superman.

Why Him?

In his normal, everyday life Clark Kent (aka Superman) is a journalist for a busy city newspaper. With his qualifications he would be ideally suited to study journalism in London and learn the latest multimedia technologies. A degree course would normally take three years but Clark would probably study over the weekends and evenings to speedily complete it much sooner! Clark would also benefit from a trainee scheme aimed at good writers with a nose for a story as there are no age limits, and could even end up as a TV broadcaster which would allow him to secretly report on his constant fights for justice.

Openings for journalists in London are fiercely contested but Clark would be able to use his newspaper experience alongside his skills and personality to gain entrance into a commercial institution. He’s brave, honest, reliable and kind-hearted so is very appealing to perspective employees. He’s also a very hard worker with a strong sense of morality and righteousness. He sticks to an unwavering moral code instilled in him by his adoptive parents and is committed to operating within the law.

Superman is very protective of Earth so would be even more so of his local community. He possesses extraordinary powers which make him “faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive” and his arsenal of powers include flight, super strength, intelligence and super breath which lets him blow out air at freezing temperatures. His power levels enable him to withstand nuclear blasts, fly into the sun unharmed and survive in outer space without oxygen. His appearance is also iconic as in Superman mode he wears a blue costume and red cape with a stylized red and yellow “S” shield on his chest.

With all these wonderful gifts we can see why Superman would be such a great attraction for the citizens of London, appealing to both young and old alike. We can imagine him tackling fires, rescuing road traffic victims, protecting us from floods and earth tremors as well as the mundane every day crime prevention duties! With his multiple extrasensory and vision powers he would be able to predict catastrophes and inform the relevant authorities through his newspaper reporting of their impending arrival.

In order to protect his identity Clark would no doubt choose to live in a rented apartment within the city centre or in a busy neighbourhood like Islington, with a short term lease option. This would let him walk to work, carpool, reducing his carbon footprint, as well as being in the midst of the day to day activity of the capitol. Each time he changed accommodation he would use the services of a end of tenancy cleaning company who would be able do his chores while he is fighting crime. Although they might find his cape lying around... .


Superman has been labelled as the greatest comic book hero of all times and is the blueprint for all of today’s superheroes, so we are in no doubt that he should be the superhero icon of London. He’ll continue to be merchandised within comics, figures, puzzles and trading cards, bringing thousands of pounds into the media industry. Animated cartoons, video games and films continue to engage the younger generation as well as the die-hard fans. He’s also been in TV remakes and on Broadway and will carry on inspiring musicians with songs by numerous artists celebrating his character. He is “the only man with superpowers who can prosper and survive”!

And please, let's not talk about some unoriginal heroes like Captain Britain.


Do you Agree with Superman?


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