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Jerome Maida

Mr. Karate has Returned!! Paul Mormando , The Youngest Grand Master in US Martial Arts history, makes his debut in the film that has been twenty years in the making - "Double Fist".

Originally slated to co-star a then-up-and-coming Mark Wahlberg two decades ago, the project was put on hiatus after Mormando suffered a devastating car accident.

Up until recently, Mormando had planned to sell "Double fist" as a TV series. However, he is so confident in the project, he is now committed to making "Double Fist" a feature film.

In "Double Fist",Joe Deluca ( Mormando ) returns to his hometown after fifteen years , and finds the past is about to catch up to him in a big way. His father Anthony , the town mayor ( Gerard Adimondo ) and his confidante Mike ( Anthony Vacarella ) are out to make his life hell. He meets a troubled youth , Josiah ( Dwayne Johnson ) and takes him under his wing .

To complicate matters - and add to the intrigue - Deluca finds his long estranged ex , Michelle ( Darlyn Cochrane ) , who has secrets of her own.

Deluca has to deal with all this drama while he's trying to mount a comeback in the underground fight scene he left behind years before.

"Double Fist" is a story of corruption and intrigue - as one man fights for redemption and shows the lengths he would go to for Justice .

Leonardo Sanderson , Dwain Rodrigues , and Adisa Cummings co - star in the "Return of Mr. Karate USA" Paul Mormando to the action World in "Double Fist" !!

Early indications are martial arts fans had better double up!!


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