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So it looks like a Goosebumps feature film starring Jack Black will be coming out relatively soon. This got me thinking. Why hasn't there been an Are You Afraid of The Dark film made yet? It would be perfect for the three short story leading to one combined ending format. Which was actually what I assumed they were going to do with the new Goosebumps film. As it turns out they've decided to go a different way, and I've got to tell you, I'm impressed with the synopsis I've read so far.

But that is neither here nor there. I'm here to talk about Are You Afraid of The Dark.

As I was saying AYAOTD would be perfect for the three-story formula. For arguments sake let's say the movie would run about 90 minutes. each episode of AYAOTD, or any half-hour sitcom, runs about 22 minutes. Which makes three episodes equal out to 66 minutes. Leaving 24 minutes to tie all the storylines together. It's perfect, right? So why hasn't happened yet? Is Hollywood afraid of an Are You Afraid of The Dark movie?

I assume (did not investigate) that Nickelodeon Studios still owns the rights to the show. And the children's network has been making films with Paramount for almost 20 years. Beginning with "Harriet the Spy" in 1996, and most recently the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out August 8, 2014. Maybe it's because they feel as though there is too much material to properly honor the series as a feature film. But that sure hasn't seemed to slow the Goosebumps film down at all.

What I'm suggesting is not a new thing by any stretch of the imagination. "The Twilight Zone" movie that came out in the early 80s used this format. As did "Tales From The Hood", and most recently "Trick R Treat".

But when it comes right down to it I think the real problem is money. Or the fear of not making money I should say. (This is my own speculation) I assume the studio feels as though they no longer have a sufficient fan base to justify making a film even for a couple million.

The entertainment industry is an industry after all, and if it doesn't make money it will not be able to continue. Every film is an investment, you have to weigh the possible pros and possible cons with every project. Which makes perfect sense. But I do wish there was a more in depth way of finding out if an audience still exists. I believe there are still many fans of the show that would definitely go see a movie. The problem is nobody is talking about the show anymore, therefore the interest is no longer there... right?

Well maybe, it's hard to say really. Of course nobody is talking about the show it has been off the air for longer than 10 years. What would us fans talk about? It's not like we have a comic con, or some other gathering event. My point is just because it's not in everyday conversation does not mean it's not in the back of millions of fans minds. And sometimes it's worth taking the risk.

I've included an Are You Afraid of The Dark fan film, made a few years ago. I was asked to make a short video to demonstrate my ability to write horror for children. So naturally my brain went to AYAOTD. And that's what I did, a full original episode. (Which is meant to be scary for a 10-year-old, not an adult)

Stay spooky my friends! -Joe Wakefield


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