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12. Fred/George Weasly:

They provide comic relief like no other. They are always messing around with Harry as they do with Ron. Are they THAT important to the story? I don't particularly think so, but it's good to always have them around, if you ever need to get out of class, your O.W.L.S or Hogwarts in general (Maruader's map anyone?)

11. Molly Weasley:

Harry has had plenty of father figures but Molly is truly the only mother figure Harry has ever had. She is loving and kind and treats him like a son, even knitting him a "Weasley sweater." It is a shame that she was not more involved in the plot, but my favorite line is still "Not my daughter, you bitch!"

10. Hagrid:

Who doesn't love Hagrid? He is always Harry's close friend and helps him out whenever he can but again just didn't make much of a difference to the overall plot. Except in the beginning when he brought Harry to Privet drive and away to Hogwarts. Plus you can never trust Hagrid with a secret.

9. Dobby:

I love Dobby and while he did save Harry not once but twice he didn't really appear much in the other books and films. But he did succeed in making me cry buckets at the end. Had he shown up more, Dobby would have been a lot higher but there are just more important characters that helped shape Harry and the plot a tad more.

8. Ron:

I know Harry's best friend is ranked so low and most of you will hate me for this. But in actuality Ron didn't do too much to advance the plot except for minor things. Honestly I love Ron but at the same time I find that he is just as much a bumbling fool as Neville. Hermione is the smart one, Harry is the brave one, and Ron is the one that trips down the stairs and wakes up Snape and gets the "50 points from Gryffindor". Again, just my personal opinion. He is better in the books though he is a lot more like a rock for Harry then he is in the movies. Harry tends to run to Hermione a lot when in the books it was Ron that was a shoulder to cry on.

7. Neville:

The second bumbling fool of the pair. Neville was more interesting then Ron in that he developed within himself and was able to finally take on his Gryffindor status as he lead Dumbledore's Army when Harry was in hiding. The only extra thing Ron developed was a love for Hermione and while that was quite entertaining, it wasn't much of a character development.

6. Remus:

He thought Harry to face his fears and not shy away in the face of adversity. He was truly brave and had to deal with a curse his whole life as well. Also he and Tonks were so close to a perfect life, the one they always wanted, but they were ripped apart by (an honorable) death. Remus was also a vector of sorts. He was used to symbolize many things for Rowling; the most prominent, people infected with AIDS and their subsequent isolation from society.

5. Sirius:

The closest thing that Harry ever had to a dad. He is the basis for the whole third book/movie as he is "The Prisoner of Azkaban." He was also the final straw for Harry. SPOILER: his death caused Harry to almost kill Bellatrix. He really took hold of the situation and had more of a reason for fighting. Sirius also continued to advise Harry through his short appearances. He was also close with James and Lily making the loss of another dear connection to his parents all the more upsetting to Harry.

4. Albus:

I mean it is Dumbledore...He lead Harry on his journey from the start. A silent teacher who taught Harry in the slightest of ways. He gave Harry all the materials he ever needed for Harry to complete his tasks. Some say to an extreme point as SPOILER: he plotted to keep Harry alive so he could "die at the right moment." Dumbledore, however, did believe in Harry the most (more than Snape) and was confident in his abilities, nurtured his pride and confidence and helped Harry develop into an honorable man and wizard. Dumbledore guided Harry towards Lily's personality (rather than the hotheaded, arrogant, and immature qualities that are often described for young James Potter by even Dumbledore and Rowling herself). Lily and Harry grew to be brave, loyal, selfless, and above all kind, thanks to Dumbledore.

3. Harry:

I know many of you will disagree with this. But think about it, Harry was an instrument used (usually with affection) but used nonetheless by Dumbledore on his quest to vanquish Voldemort. We see him as the hero because the book centers around him but Rowling has stated that the real basis of the series is actually based upon SNAPE'S AND DUMBLEDORE'S lives and respective arcs. Harry is laced between them in order to connect the whole story, kind of like stitches. He isn't even the "true" hero he is the literal hero (Source: Rowling in one of her later interviews regarding the Deathly Hallows) that everyone roots for, but as Rowling says there is more to Snape than meets the eye. We like Harry for his personality and we also pity him for the sad life he lead until Hogwarts, but when you think about it he is not as brave, smart, or even kind as some of the other characters we have been presented with. Obviously he is still The Chosen One and without him who would stop Voldy? Neville? Maybe, but at the same time Neville Longbottom and the Sorcerer's Stone just doesn't have the same ring to it.

2. Hermione:

Without Hermione Harry would have died in The Sorcerer's Stone strangled by a plant created by Professor Sprout (who will be replaced by Neville). Again strengthening my point that Harry is a bit of a "puppet" (a very lovable puppet). Hermione is "the smart one" of their little group. Without her they would probably be dead. She is also, in a way, the glue that keeps them together, yet she also has the potential to rip them apart (Ron being jealous and Ron's horcrux experience witnessing Harry and Hermione's "kissing") this makes her a vital and pivotal character. Outside of HP she is challenging stereotypes like no other. She is smart, doesn't end up with the hero, she is not viewed as a prize to be one and Ron and Harry see her as an equal. She is, in the books, described as more nerdy than Emma Watson yet under her buck teeth she was still pretty enough that even Viktor Krum wanted her. Listen up ladies, being dumb is not attractive!!. Beauty and brains is always a killer.


Some may also disagree with this one but personally I love Snape and so does most of the Muggle world apparently. In numerous polls such as those conducted by Empire mag or MTV found that Snape usual topped the list closely followed by either Hermione or Harry. He is quite arguably the biggest plot twist in pop-culture since "Luke, I am your father." He became the most debated character of the whole series, and rightly so. He is (in my own and Rowling's shared opinion) the most complex and interesting character of them all. One could write 7 books on Snape alone. He often tends to top charts such as this one when fans rank their favorite, most important, or best characters from the series. He was instrumental in keeping Harry alive all these years. I wanted a happier ending for him, maybe Lily could have greeted him in heaven as Harry was greeted by Albus at King's Cross. A romance between them is too much to expect but a simple friendship and acceptance is all I really wanted and I believe that Snape valued his friendship with Lily and her respect more than even a romantic relationship which is saying a lot. Anyway enough of my love of Snape. All the following is paraphrased or quotes of Rowling herself to support my claim. Snape is a figurative hero. He is not someone to root for, yet once his true loyalties and hardships were revealed (even those who hated him) had to admit that he was the good guy all along. He was, if not a full-fledged hero than heroic at the very least. When asked if Rowling considers Snape a hero, she replied:

"Yes, I do; though a very flawed hero. An anti-hero, perhaps. He is not a particularly likeable man in many ways. He remains rather cruel, a bully, riddled with bitterness and insecurity—and yet he loved, and showed loyalty to that love and, ultimately, laid down his life because of it. That's pretty heroic!"

As Dumbledore says, "we all have good and evil inside us, Harry. It is the side that we choose to act on that determines where we stand".

While it seemed as though Snape had chosen the "dark side" he actually chose the good, the light, Lily and by extension even Harry. "He was a Slytherin who died a Gryffindor." - J.K. Rowling. One of my favorite quotes of all time, it made me cry a little.

Side note about Snape:

A much debated topic concerns Harry and if Snape ever loved him. Here are my thoughts (I know you are probably tired of hearing my opinion so feel free to comment below, but please no hate as I have said this is purely based on MY opinions.)

My position: Leaning towards yes but not fully convinced.

"Harry and Snape's relationship is more personal than even Harry and Voldemort's relation." - Rowling (not the full quote but close enough to get the meaning across.)

1. At the beginning (first three books/movies) he clearly hated Harry because he looked so much like his father. 4/5 started to tolerate Harry and accepted his situation. 6/7 I believe that Snape started to care for Harry maybe not love but there was definitely a bond or relationship that wasn't hatred. Possibly he finally appreciated/saw the good/Lily in Harry as he was about to die, etc. I have mixed feelings about when exactly this bond came to be, but I think that a slight bit of affection was definitely present in the end. Harry, after seeing Snape's memories, fought to get his picture hung in the headmaster's office alongside the rest of them as a sign of respect, and he would let Snape's bravery be known throughout the wizarding world. So at least there was a sense of admiration on Harry's side (possibly mutual).

2. People say that Snape only protected Harry for Lily, and Lily alone. I believe that at first it was for Lily's sake (having lead the lord to the prophecy) also feeling lot of guilt and obviously grief. Many people use the "for him?" and the patronus argument but one must remember that Snape then sent the doe to help Harry find the sword of Gryffindor. He didn't HAVE to do this. He was told to protect Harry not HELP him on a slightly separate journey, that I believe, was Snape showing that while this was all for Lily's love he also wanted to see Harry succeed for Harry not just Lily.

3. His last words were "you have your mother's eyes". That pertains obviously to his love, Lily, but also has to do with his possibly caring for Harry as an extension of Lily which nonetheless does count as "affection." They also share Lily as a common love (obviously in different ways), they didn't want her to die in vain. Also Rowling said something that until I read the last book didn't really make sense to me. She said "The eyes are the windows to the soul. One must always remember that," or something of the sort I do not remember the part after the eyes are the windows to the soul piece. At first Snape hated Harry because physically he was a constant reminder of what could have been, who he loved, who he lost, and more importantly to whom he lost his only love. Dumbledore has a few lines that always seemed to point out that Harry is more similar to Lily than Snape might think and that while he looked like his father he acted like his mother. Meaning that Lily and Harry had very similar personalities and by extension the foundation of similar SOULS. They have the same eyes not only literally, but also figuratively. I believe this is what allowed Snape to over look the James qualities and see the Lily in Harry and thus cared for Harry even just the slightest bit.

Sorry that was long and boring but hey what can fans do if not voice their opinions on public sites. Thank you for reading!!


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