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So recently I had the pleasure into finally going to see the film How to train your dragon part 2. And since I have been looking for something to talk about for the past few days this movie seemed like a perfect fit. Now I know I'm late to the game but I thought I might as well add my thoughts since it is the most fresh subject on my mind.

HTYD2 is the sequel to the very popular Dream works film How to train your Dragon filmed in 2010. It was loved by many with it's beautiful animation and different story as well as relating to both kids and adults with it's humor. And in 2012 people were excited to hear of a sequel coming out soon, however there were some doubts. When it comes to sequels there a lot of risks to be taken. Such as where the story should go, trying to not make the same movie twice, and most of all making a just as good if not better film. For the people who not seen it yet those worries should be wiped away as this sequel really strains away from getting sequelitis and actually becoming a good if not better film.

In this sequel the story follows our hero Hiccup right when he is about to become an adult as he doesn't want to face the responsibilities of growing up. And instead of facing them he usually ventures off to explore the land with his trusty dragon Toothless trying to find more species of dragons and building his map bigger and bigger. He then comes across some information that a man is trying to create a dragon army and can actually control their minds. He then throughout the story must learn to become a leader and follow his destiny.

Surprisingly enough this film surpassed my expectations on how much I would love this movie because I really enjoyed How to train your Dragon 2. Like I said this movie really strains away from the suquelitis that I fear, as it almost feels like at the end of HTYD1 it should have had the caption "5 years later" and then continue with this movie. It was so cool to see hiccup grow as a person from the first film as in this one he is a badass! Seeing him fly around with Toothless made me want a dragon so badly. But not only do you see Hiccup mature but you actually get to see the village grow as well as they embrace the dragons and use them to their advantage. There was so much detail added with the culture of this place and how these creatures affected their lives. It actually felt real, natural and very creative with everything they created. Also I cannot leave this review without even mentioning the animation in this film! I must say there were shots in this movie that blew me away and couldn't believe that some was actually animated.

However as much as I did love this film there were a couple flaws that I had with it. One of the big ones was the villain actually and his role in the story. I was disappointing that his part was not as big as I was expecting. I mean you definitely knew who he was and had a cool background to him but once you finally see him he kinda falls flat. His reason for taking over everything was honestly kinda generic and something we have heard a thousand times. It obviously didn't ruin the movie for me but I did find it distracting. Overall though this movie is a serious re watch for me and a movie I'll have to add to my collection. It has a weak villain but is easily forgiven with the beautiful animation and just an awesome movie!

So how did you like the movie? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? And how did I do on my very first review. I hope you enjoy reading and please comment below


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