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Gal Gadot's Tweet:

What an amazing "Sister" I have ;) #999

Another Tweet:

YOOOOOOOOO.... ;) @aaronpaul_8 #999

Batman-News speculates that Gal Gadot could already be done filming in the Justice League prelude/Man of Steel sequel, since she is working on another film called Triple Nine. Since she is not in Detroit, this suggests that she is not filming anymore, so this is a cameo that really is that short and does not crowd the movie at all. However, it's also theorized that she'll return towards the end of filming around November or December for her other scenes. By then, she would have worked out a lot.

The DC films rumored to be set for her appearance are:

  • [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) (2016)
  • [Justice League](movie:401267) (2017)
  • [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) (2017)

It seems like an impossible schedule, but I think the 'Justice League' script is being worked on now so they can work on it around January or February 2015. Then a Wonder Woman movie could be filmed around the same time. It's possible.

We already have seen her acting as Diana Prince, so did they film her in her Wonder Woman suit in the studios? If that is the case, we should see a photo of her by the end of July.

What do you think?

Source: Batman-News


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