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Rose Moore

The fourth of July is coming up this weekend, and in honor of the most American of holidays, Fox ADHD took a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at the most American of superheros!

Oh yes, it's baked right into the name! Captain America! That strong, brave, stalwart hero; the picture of health, of quick thinking, and of justice!

Except....that's not really the picture of America these days. At least, not according to the statistics that the guys at Animation Domination decided to include in this hilarious re-working of the classic Cap theme song from the cartoon.

Ok, it may be slightly offensive (if you are easy to offend, in which case, I do not recommend the internet), but it makes me laugh. It also makes me happy because they use world rankings rather than random percentages or numbers that need contextual data. Priorities here! Funny things are so much funnier when they are statistically meaningful.

Favorite line?

You think Captain America's politically split in half. One half of him's mad and the other half's maaaaad!

Ahem. What's your favorite part? Let me know!


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