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Okay, so here's a continuation of my idea of a Batman/Superman crossover, World's Finest. If you want to read the first part of the plot, click here.

Oh, and I'd like to gives credit to all of those who commented on my last post or voted in the polls for influencing this next chapter in the story! Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Part II

It's around noontime, and a group of thugs are walking down the street in what is obviously the lower-end part of Metropolis (Suicide Slums). There are four or five to them, and they are talking about how thanks to "Superman and that Zod fella," they are out of money and out of housing and now have nothing to live off of and support their families with. They share their personal stories with one another through a series of quick side comments (they already know one another; the comments are just to reveal the stories to the audience), and in no time it is obvious that their deprivation is merely a result of their own misconduct and wrongdoings and their blaming of Superman and Zod is just them trying to find someone other than themselves to blame. To make Superman not seem like the "perfect little angel" that everyone else seems to think he is (according to them).

All of a sudden, out of nowhere one of the guys suggests that they rob some place. He doesn't state a specific place, and the comment seems abrupt and kind of out of place.

The other men turn to him incredulously and start laughing, assuming he is just kidding.

Welcome to Suicide Slums
Welcome to Suicide Slums

"Nah, guys, I'm dead serious. Let's go rob some place. Let's earn that money that we deserve. These places have been stealing our money for Lord knows how long! It's our time to get paid back."

One of the guys laughs. "And where do you suggest we rob?"

"I don't know, the Ace o' Clubs? The bank in downtown? I don't know, just somewhere. Any place is as good as the other, as long as we plan it right and get our money."

"What makes you think we could actually do this?" another guy asks, actually seeming interested. The men stop walking and all turn to face the guy who suggested it.

"If a snobby snake like Lex Luthor can make it all the way to billionaire, what makes you think that all of us together can't rob one measly bank? It's child's play."

The guys look from one to the other, unsure of what to make of the guy's suggestion, but obviously slightly interested. "Luthor didn't steal his way to the top. There's a difference."

"Oh didn't he?" the man asks with a wry smile. The scene ends with the implication that the guys will consider his offer.

Now we are back in the LexCorp tower, up in Lex's penthouse/office with Clark, Jimmy, Bruce, and Lex. They all stand up, and Clark reaches out his hand. "Gentlemen, thank you very much for your time. It was a pleasure."

Wayne and Luthor shake Clark's hand. "I think I'll walk you and your friend down, actually, Mr. Kent," Bruce says with a smile. He looks over at Luthor. "I'm afraid to say I must be going. It was nice doing business with you, Mr. Luthor."

"Please, call me Lex," Lex says with a coy grin, reaching out his hand. They shake. "Mr. Kent, if you have any more questions, I'd be happy to answer them, all you need to do is ask. And that doesn't just go for now; please, feel free to call at any time. I've never particularly cared for the Daily Planet, but you seem like a pretty...stand up kind of guy." His lip twitches and there is a fire in his eyes as he speaks. Clark notices this as peculiar but simply nods, smiling as he turns away. Jimmy and Bruce follow him as they approach the elevator, where a security guard stands. The doors slide open and the men step in, turning so that they face the opening once again. Clark and Bruce are standing side by side and they seem kind of stiff and uncomfortable, while Jimmy stands in front of them, camera in hand and a bright gaping smile on his face. He snaps one last picture as the doors slide close. As they do slide close, we see Lex step towards his window and place his hands behind his back as he takes in the beauty of the reconstruction of his city.

"So, where are you from, Mr. Kent?" Bruce asks, turning to Clark as the elevator creeps down.

"Uhh...Smallville, sir," Clark replies, pushing at his glasses.

Bruce gives an exaggerated hmph. "You don't have to call me sir."


Bruce sighs. "Smallville, eh? Never lived anywhere else?"

Clark eyes Bruce. "No, just Smallville. Quaint little town; never really had any reason to leave until I decided I needed to go make a living."

"Oh, I see," Bruce says, nodding his head. "So you're sure you aren't one of those other 'aliens among us' that Luthor was yammering about?" He winks, and Jimmy chuckles.

Clark feigns a smile. "If I am, Ma and Pa sure have a lot of explaining to do."

The elevator door opens, and Alfred is standing there awaiting Bruce. "Master Wayne," he greets. Bruce nods to him.

"Well, Mr. Kent, it was very nice talking to you," he says with a smile. He looks to the young photographer. "Jimmy," he says with a nod. He turns and Alfred leads him away. Clark and Jimmy step out of the elevator and watch him leave.

"He's a strange character," Clark says, watching Wayne walk off. It is obvious that he feels somewhat uneasy.

"I think he's awesome," Jimmy says, snapping one more picture.


The scene cuts back to Luthor, who is still standing at his window and looking out. All of a sudden his watch beeps, and he turns and walks to the elevator. The security guard opens the door for him and follows him in. "Level 3," he instructs (Hopefully all Smallville fans will catch this reference). The guard punches the number and the elevator descends. No words are exchanged, and Luthor looks forward. A tuft of hair falls in front of his eyes, and he blows it out of his face. He runs his hands through his hair.

The doors slide open and Luthor exits, taking an immediate left and walking down a dark hallway filled with dozens of lab-coated scientists who are buzzing back and forth, clipboards in hand and scribbling furiously. "You wanted to see me?" Luthor asks one of the scientists, motioning to his watch.

"Yessir," the scientist says. "Follow me, please."

Luthor follows the man down the hallway for a bit, until they come to a stop at a big window to their left. As they gaze in, a faint green glow shines back on him.

"What is it?" Luthor asks, quite apparently impatient.

"Well, sir, we ran some tests on it, and we have determined that it is a small, shattered piece of Superman's planet...or what is left of it, for that matter."

"What do you mean? What do I care?" Luthor says, the green glow shining brighter before dimming down again. The light alternates between bright and dim as it shines on their faces.

"Well, sir, you see: Superman's planet -- Krypton, as he called it -- exploded approximately thirty three, almost thirty four years ago. Other scientists have calculated that that planet, Krypton, was roughly the same size as Earth, and, as you can imagine, anything that could survive a blast that big would never be the same -- it would be pretty much...permanently radioactive."

"I'm still uninterested," Luthor says.

"But...the thing is, many of us -- humans, that is -- have come in direct contact with it, and...nothing. We weren't even harmed."

"So what your telling me is...?" Luthor said, motioning his hands in a manner so as to make the scientist get to the point.

"We think we may have found Superman's weakness. It doesn't affect us, but we think it will affect him. The radiation works so that it is only effective on the people of his nature. Peculiar, I know, but that is our hypothesis."

Lex's eyes grow wide and he looks back towards the green glow. "You think you've found a way to..."

"...weaken him, yessir. Not like it will do us any good or anything, because we'd have no one to test it on, I just thought it was an interesting find! I'm sorry for troubling you, sir. I can tell you aren't interes--"

"No, no. Thank you. This is very interesting," Lex says. He approaches the glass and squints his eyes. "What are y'all calling it? Is it some sort of new element?"

"Well, we haven't developed an official name for it yet, but since we speculate that it is a remnant of Superman's home planet, we've named it after the planet itself...we're calling it kryptonite."

The camera slowly pans around, and we see a bunch of scientists gathered around a stool, where a gigantic green crystal/rock is sitting. One scientist has a flame thrower, and he expels a huge burst of flames on the rock. No effect. The rock continues to flicker between a bright and dim glow. Lex watches intently. "Hmmm...kryptonite," he says.

"What's the news of that thing they found on the moon?" Lex asks, abruptly turning to face the scientist once again.

"Oh, the suit?" the man asks, surprised by the change of subject. "Well, actually, it's right over here." He leads Lex to the next window down the hall, where a huge black suit is lying on its side being examined by yet another group of scientists and technicians. "We haven't been able to penetrate it so far. Nothing so much as makes a dent. It's extremely dense and tough material, and the electrical work within the system is well beyond earthly knowledge."

"I see," Lex says, still eyeing the suit. "Has anyone tried getting inside of it?" he asks.

"Absolutely not, sir! We want to make sure that we know what it is capable before we do something risky like that."

The same flame that we saw during his interview with Clark reignites in Lex's eyes. He flashes the scientist a smile. "May I?" he asks.

Remember the Kryptonian space suit from MoS? :)
Remember the Kryptonian space suit from MoS? :)

The scene cuts to the afternoon time, where a super beefy and buff construction worker is walking along a platform on a skyscraper in the middle of reconstruction. He is apparently getting off of work, and is whistling his favorite tune as he nervously treks across the platform, trying not to look at the ground eighty stories below. He carries a toolkit in one hand, a lunchbox in the other.

The man looks upwards to get his mind off of the ground, and he looks upwards just in time, too. He sees a construction worker just above him slip someway or another, and fall off the beam, towards the ground below. Forcing himself to think quick, the guy drops his lunchbox and toolkit and rushes across the beam to a long rope hanging down, and without giving too much thought to his actions, he grabs hold of the rope and swings off the structure. While in midair, the man begins to question his judgment, and realizes that it would take a...super man to pull this stunt off. Nevertheless, he successfully catches the falling man with ease and somehow manages to throw him onto the platform he had just been standing on. He sighs in relief, looking to heaven. His face says it all: he doesn't know how he did it, but he just saved that man's life in some incredible miracle. It was an act of God.

The saved man starts rambling: "Gee, what are you, mister? Some kind of super--"

He stops once he turns around sees that the construction worker is no longer there. He looks up to see the tattered remains of a broken rope attached to the beam above him, and all of a sudden a loud, low-voiced scream comes from twenty feet beneath him. He looks down to see his savior, falling to his death.

The once savior, now falling man's eyes grow wide in fear, and all music and any other sounds fade out until all you can hear is the rapid pulsating of his heart. Time slows down, and he seems to accept his fate. He closes his eyes, and--

An arm grabs him. He opens his eyes and Superman is there, a smile on his face. The man's heart starts pulsing faster than ever, coming to realize that it was his luckiest, then unluckiest, and now luckiest day once again. He smiles back as the Man of Steel swings him into his arms and slows their descent down.

"That was quite the performance, right there, Mr.--"

"John Henry Irons," the man says, his eyes open wide as he continues to speculate about his great luck.

"Mr. Irons," Superman smiles. "Yeah, I don't know many people who would be willing to do that for someone. You are quite the hero."

"No, you're the hero," John says as they make contact with the earth.

"Hmm...well I don't know if it counts as heroics if the man doing the saving can't exactly get hurt," Superman replies with a wink. "I do what I can. You're the real hero, Mr. Irons."

The man's smile fades, and a tear comes to his eye. "I...I owe you my life."

Superman raises his eyebrows and smiles bigger than ever. "Then make it count for something." He turns and blasts off into the air, with John Henry Irons standing there in shock.


The scene cuts to nighttime, and the same group of thugs from earlier are walking through an alleyway in downtown Metropolis. They have the cliche ski masks on their heads, and hold guns and rifles in their hands along with duffel bags.

"I don't feel very good about this," one of the guys said. "I feel like we should have spent more time planning."

"The longer we plan, the more likely we are to be overheard and caught," the original thug who'd suggested the plan responds. "We have to act quick." They turn the corner and the Bank of Metropolis comes into view. He turns back to them. "Now remember: in and out quick. No wasting time. The alarm will go off as soon as we enter, so we have to go quick and scramble before the cops -- or even worse, Superman -- get here."

They approach the front doors and the main guy holds up his fingers. One...two...three... he kicks the door open and they enter, immediately triggering the alarm. It stars buzzing loudly, but the men continue on, running quickly to the front desks, cracking the cash registers open, and pouring bundles of money into their bags. The main guy approaches the main vault and attaches a small explosive. He backs up and turns around and the explosive detonates, blowing the lock. He stands up and pulls the door open, smiling wryly. "Cha-ching," he says.

All of a sudden, a kick to the face knocks the man to the floor, dazing him. He stands back up and looks around, but sees nothing. "Which one of you funny guys did that?" he asks. "This is serious business; no time for fooling around."

"What're you talking about?" one of the guys asks. "We're all over here!" They can barely hear each other over the alarms.

A shadow passes behind the guy who just spoke and an arm reaches out, rapping around the mans neck and pulling him back into the shadows.

The other guys see it, but its too late. One of them manages to hop over the counter and escape over to the vault with the main thug, but as the other two try to do the same, a caped figure emerges from the shadows and takes them on both at once. He uppercuts one and kicks the other, going back and forth as the men quickly tire out. He knocks one to the floor and turns to the other.

The thug who'd escaped to the vault looks on with wide eyes, as does the main thug. "Holy crap, it's the Ba--"

And then all of the thugs are gone, vanishing from sight. Batman stands there alone, looking around in confusion. The alarm blares as he looks around, and then he sighs. He rises from his fighting posture and stands relaxed, but with his arms out, fists clenched in anger.

"I had it handled," he mutters.

"I had it handled quicker," a voice says from behind him.

He turns around to see just as he suspected: another caped man, this one maskless, floating in place just a yard off the floor. The alarms drown out, and there is total silence. For the first time, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight lock eyes.

(to be continued...)

Thanks for reading Part 2, guys! As was the case with Part 1, your response in the polls and your comments in the comment section will help me come up with Part 3! Let me know what you think of the plot, and make sure you let me know where you'd like to see it go from here or what you would have preferred!

Part 3 of this alternative imagining of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) can be found here.


What should push Lex Luthor over the point of no return? (What even should push him to accept his villainous fate?)


Where should the story go from here?


How should the kryptonite be used?


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