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Welcome to the Movie Backlot Podcast, the GeekedOutNation movie podcast. This week we bring some good in the form of a Pacific Rim 2 and we bring some bad in the form of Transformers making a ton of money. As always the crew of Alexander, Dylan and Steven hope to bring you some honest opinions and comedy.

Box Office Numbers

Transformers: Age of Extinction $100 Million

22 Jump Street $15.8 Million

HTTYD2 $13.2 Million

Think Like a Man Too $10.3 Million

Maleficent $8.37 MillionUpcoming Releases


Earth To EchoNews & Rumors

Community, which was recently cancelled by NBC after five seasons (and then failed to be picked up by Hulu)

The Walking Dead’s Frank Darabont showrunner is close to sealing the deal with the studio. The film, which is now being refereed to as a “spinoff”, will focus on Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman, rather than Kristen Stewart’s Snow White.

Bryan Singer teases Apocalypse treatment on his Instagram

“The image below reveals that the movie opens with a sequence in line with the coda from Days of Future Past: with the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse in Egypt and a battle involving an army of thousands. We can assume they mean ancient Egypt, but the image of the page doesn’t specifically say that.” IGN

Pacific Rim 2 announced for 2017, Del Torro to return

Andy Serkis announces he will be in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel announced a 17 minute sneak preview of GOTG in select IMAX 3D theaters on July 7th

Star Trek 3 will take place in deep space Roberto Orci says

Shane Black was selected to write the treatment and direct a sequel in the Predator franchise

First official look at Tom Hardy’s Mad Max, director says it’s a 110 minute long chase sequence’

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer released

New Fury poster and trailer released

Fantastic Four will have a found footage feel to it

Terminator Genesis drops the Genesis part of the title


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