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Cautiously optimistic about future comic book movies.
Sam Hayes

I'm glad to announce that I am currently working on a script/story-screenplay for a "Shazam!" movie! This is not official, I'm not working for any DC executives or directors. Other than Nikki Finke's DC Movie Rumor Roster and Kevin Smith's "Yeah, that seems accurate", a Shazam movie is not even confirmed, but I like to think that all of these movies will happen, if not in the date Finke assured us, some time in the near future. After I read that Mark Robirds Jr. 's "The Batman" script was getting reviewed by , I had to do one of my own. And of course I wasn't going to do the same thing (Batman Reboot) as him, that would just be copying, so I chose to do another DC superhero movie that is rumored to happen in the next 5 years: Shazam! Now I've always wanted to write a script for a movie—especially a superhero movie—but I've always been a little skeptical of my writing: stupid dialogue, having no idea of how to set up a scene/int. bedroom, any of that important stuff. But I've decided to go with it and try my best to deliver a great script. I also took the liberty of putting in a cast that I would like to see bring my script to life—theoretically.

This is just for the first movie, so not all of the [Shazam](movie:738107) family is in here, just the ones crucial for the origin story.

Captain Marvel / Shazam! — Brandon Molale

(William Joseph) Billy Batson — Asa Butterfield

Teth Adam / Black Adam — Dwayne Johnson

Thaddeus Sivana, Sr. / Dr. Sivana — Jackie Earle Hale

(Possibly just as a cameo or end-credit scene, I don't know yet)

(Mister) Tawky Tawny — Shaquille O'Neal

The Wizard, Shazam — Christopher Lee

And for the specific script I'm writing, the story involves two other characters as minor roles, which are:

Katar Hol / Hawkman — Liam McIntyre

Shayera Thal / Hawgirl — Jessica Biel


Would you go to see a Shazam! movie?

This is a big thing for me, and even though its doubtful-to-impossible that my script will get noticed, I'm gonna finish it. And who knows, maybe one day I'll make my own Shazam! movie but for now this is what I'm working with. Thanks for the feedback. -Sam


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