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Leviathan:The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound:Hellraiser II a documentary film about the making of these two films has just announced a major coup. Clive Barker, the writer and director of the original film, is now officially attached to the project.

An independently produced project, Leviathan will feature interviews with cast and crew from both Hellraiser and Hellbound. The documentary will follow the films from inception to release and also look at the resulting fan base and staying power of the franchise. Hoping to educate both fans and newbies about the symbolism found in the films and the legacy they have created, the documentary will delve deep into Barkers ambitions and intentions.

Producer Gary Smart is, rightfully, very excited about Barker's involvement saying, “When Clive signed up we were over the moon. The thirty something other cast and crew members have been amazing to speak to giving us such insights and we couldn’t have made the film without them, but without Clive’s voice as well I’m not sure how definite we could claim this documentary is.”

Explaining that Mr. Barker is scheduled to be interviewed in August, director K. John McDonagh added, “Interviewing Clive is not only important to the success of the documentary, but it’s also an amazing chance to converse with a creative and inspiring genius who shares a passion for the art of filmmaking. The tales and stories we’ve heard about Clive from the cast and crew have shown us how respected and loved he is. The depth and quality of his work also demonstrates just how talented the man is, so meeting him and interviewing him would not only be a great achievement for the documentary, it’d be an honour as filmmaker”

You can read the full synopsis for Leviathan, see the full trailer and lots of other really cool stuff at the film's official site;



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