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After months of speculation, leaked information and impatience, the first official footage for The Walking Dead Season 5 has finally been released.

The video is a behind-the-scenes featurette containing on-set footage, plus interviews with cast and crew. They reveal that the Season 5 premiere is "ambitious", "disturbing" and so controversial it might not "make it onto TV".

That's me sold then!

But it's not just a bunch of hyperbolic adjectives that have got me really excited for the Season 5 premiere, as the video also hints at the heroic return of Carol and Tyreese.

Check it out:

So what can we learn about the opening of Season 5 from this featurette? Here's a breakdown of the video, which might offer some clues:

Carol and Tyreese to the Rescue!

Whether this is a flashback or in real-time, Carol and Tyreese are fast approaching Terminus. The ass-kicking cavalry has arrived!

Rick Is Gunning for the Termites

Not only is Rick no longer locked in the container, but he's now wielding some heavy-duty weaponry. Either they made it back to the stash of buried guns hidden at the outside Terminus, or Carol arrived packing some serious heat.

Glenn and Maggie on the Run

The question here is, are Glenn and Maggie running away from the Termites or towards them?

Daryl Took One Hell of a Beating

Daryl's face is a real mess. Is this the result of his fisticuffs with Joe and his gang of 'claimers' at the end of Season 4, or has he had a vicious run-in with some of the Termites?

Is Michonne Carrying a Spear?

From the looks of this walk-through, Rick is leading the group on a Termite hunt. What's interesting here though are the weapons being wielded. Sasha is carrying a pistol, Rick has his assault rifle and it looks like Michonne has got a freaking spear! Where the f--k did she get that from?

If You Go Down to the Woods Today...

After busting out of Terminus it looks like the group is heading back to the sanctuary of the forest. If it turns out that Carol doesn't in fact rescue them from Terminus, perhaps they encounter her on the path back out?

Here perhaps:

Screaming Walker of the Day

Because why not?

As an extra special Walking Dead treat, we've got a second video to check out. This one is a collection of the cast and crew's favorite moments from the previous four seasons, and is pretty damn awesome:


How will they escape Terminus?


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