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Matt Carter

Awards shows are invariably boring affairs as a procession of stars walk on stage to collect their "lifetime achievement award for outstanding services to interpretive dance, acting and relocating the endangered turtles of Borneo", while thanking everyone from their agent to the old guy who sold them biscuits as a child, for making all this possible.

But nothing is quite as lame as a star who can't be there in person to collect the award, so phones in the acceptance speech while pretending to work when, in fact, they are in the middle of a three day rave and will use the gong as a paperweight.

Well, at least that's what I thought was true until I saw [The Walking Dead](series:201193) 's Greg Nicotero accept a Saturn award for his genius FX work on the show. Unable to attend the ceremony due to filming commitments on Season 5, Nicotero instead enlisted the help of a couple of zombie-slaying buddies to help him accept.

The result is probably the greatest acceptance speech ever. Check it out:


Who would you choose to accept an award for you?


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